Best Running Shoes Under 100 for 2024: Expert’s Reviews

Some people think that all good running shoes cost a lot of money.

Even though you’ll have to pay more for features like better cushioning, motion control, and nighttime lighting, you can still find shoes that are durable, supported, and comfortable that won’t break the bank.

We’ve put together a list of the best running shoes that cost less than $100 right now.

There are some cheap brands and some older types from well-known brands. None of them are too expensive because they all have great features that make them worth the money.

First, let’s go over the basics of what to look for in running shoes that won’t break the bank.

Features to Look For in The Best Affordable Running Shoes

If you want to save money on shoes, you shouldn’t have to give up on the basic features that keep you safe and comfortable.

The best low-cost running shoes should:

It fits you well.

The front of the shoe should have enough room for your toes to move around, and the midfoot and heel should fit tightly.

Between your biggest toe and the end of the shoe, there should be about half to one thumb’s width of room. There should also be the same amount of space next to the ball of your foot.

Be right for the job

Think about the kinds of runs you like (road, trail, track, etc.).

Carefully read the specs to make sure that the shoes you choose will meet your needs. For example, will they be gripping enough for trail running, light enough for running in hot weather, or padded enough for running on hard surfaces?

Have the right heel-to-toe drop.

This shows how much the heel and toe are different in height.

Heel-toe drop can be very different, which changes how much stress is put on different parts of your body when you run.

Most of the time, a high heel-toe drop (7 mm or more) is best for people who strike their heels and people who have heel pain.

If you land on the front or middle of your foot, a low heel-toe drop is best.

The 9 Best Affordable Running Shoes

#1. Adidas Duramo 10

adidas Duramo 10 Running Shoe

– Lightmotion padding, supporting no-sew inserts, and an upper made of 50% recycled materials

– The most versatile and inexpensive running shoes

The popular Adidas Duramo is a great bargain shoe that you can wear for both sports and runs.

The balanced Lightmotion cushioning is soft and protects you well from falling forces, and the mesh top lets air flow, so you stay cool even on warmer days.

The tongue and heel of the Duramo are nicely padded, and the base is made of full-length rubber for support and long-lasting use.

#2. Saucony Guide 14

Saucony Guide 14 Running Shoe

– Durable PWRRUN padding, an 8mm heel-to-toe drop, and a toned-down TPU guide frame in the middle for stability

– Best choice for people who overpronate

One of the most famous lines of stable shoes from Saucony is the “Guide” line. It’s great that you can get a pair for less than $100!

The Guide 14 was released in 2021 and gives you just the right amount of support to keep your foot from rolling in.

But it doesn’t feel like it, which makes this shoe easy for longer walks.

It’s pretty light for a stability shoe, has a roomy toe box, a gusseted tongue for great support, and a pretty good grip, even when it’s wet.

#3. ASICS Gel Venture 8

ASICS Gel Venture 8

– Durable base with good grip, replaceable sock cushion, and great shock absorption

– The best cheap trail running shoes

The rugged Venture 8 is a great value for money trail running shoe that works just as well as many much more expensive shoes.

The deep lugs on the bottom make it perfect for muddy trails, and the full-length layer of cushioning in the heel gives you great support and energy return.

Cooler days are better for running in these shoes than summer runs. If your heel is bigger, you might need to go up a size.

But it’s comfortable in every way and great for a variety of off-road tracks.

#4. Nike Downshifter 11

Nike Downshifter 11

– A mesh top that lets air flow, a flexible bottom, and great midfoot support

– The best cheap running shoes for daily workouts

You’ll quickly understand why these shoes have become known as one of the best choices for runners on a budget as soon as you put them on!

You can use them for cross-training, and they feel stable and sensitive. They also absorb shock well, which is good for your knees.

The rubber bottom lasts a long time and grips well. It also has holes that make it flexible and help with proprioception.

#5. New Balance 520 V8

New Balance 520 V7 Running Shoe

– A durable rubber base, a supportive curved heel, and laces for a secure fit.

– An cheap first pair of running shoes

This affordable shoe from New Balance has a soft midsole that saves your feet from impact forces when you run on hard ground. The top is made to last.

The bottom grips well on a range of surfaces, and the support in the heel and safe lockdown make sure you have a stable ride.

The only catch is that you’ll need to buy new laces because the ones that come with them are very short.

#6. Reebok Floatride Energy 3.0

Reebok Floatride Energy 3.0 Running Shoe

– It has a heel tab, a 7mm heel-to-toe drop, and a full rubber base to make it last.

– A good pick for running faster

This is a great, light tool for running every day. The shoe’s toe box is the right width for support, and it locks down over the middle of the foot.

The tongue has full gussets and feels soft against your foot. The top lets air flow through, but it might get too hot in the summer.

The cushioning is supportive and sensitive, so it can both absorb shock and give you the energy you need for fast runs.

#7. Nike Revolution 6

Nike Revolution 5 Running Shoe

– A sleek look, stable padding, and an upper that can bend

– The best all-day running shoes under $100

This cheap running shoe doesn’t look like it costs much.

Still, for a lot less than $100, you can get a stylish shoe that you can use for daily workouts, gym exercises, and walks around town.

The heel fits really well, and the layers give it support and longevity. You can run in comfort thanks to the soft but flexible padding.

We liked that the rubber outsole is bendable and gripping, and the toe box was big enough for a bigger foot.

#8. WHITIN Minimalist Trail Runner

WHITIN Minimalist Trail Runner

– Zero drop from heel to toe, flexible bottom, and vegan-friendly

– The best cheap trail running shoe for bare feet

This model from Whitin has the typical foot-shaped shape of barefoot shoes. It lets you feel the ground under your feet and encourages natural movement.

The zero drop makes it more likely to hit with your forefoot, and the thick bottom protects you from the ground while still letting you feel what’s under your feet.

And if you want to feel even more linked to the ground, you can take out the insole. The hook-and-loop closing at the instep can also be adjusted.

This makes sure that the fit is safe and cozy.

#9. ASICS Gel Excite 8

ASICS Gel Excite 8

– A soft woven mesh top, AMPLIFOAM soles, and GEL technology in the back of the foot

– Our pick for the best running shoes under $100

There is no doubt that this type is the best cheap running shoe on the market.

It is the best at absorbing shock, and the heel and soles are well padded for comfort.

Still, it feels bouncy, which is great for faster runs.

The fact that these feel so stable really surprised us. The curved heel part keeps your foot in place, and the brand’s GUIDANCE LINE technology helps you walk naturally every time.

The top lets a lot of air flow through, so you can wear them for long runs on warmer days, and the heel is made of injection-molded rubber, which is flexible and long-lasting.

The Best Affordable Running Shoes: Key Takeaways

We hope this guide helped you find the right road running shoe for your daily workouts or the right trail shoe for when you need to face rough ground.

If something is cheap, it doesn’t mean it was made cheaply, and all of the shoes in this guide are the best deals on quality, value, and performance.

Buying Guide about Best Running Shoes Under 100

When shopping for running shoes on a budget, here are some key factors to consider:

  • Cushioning: Look for shoes with ample cushioning, especially in the heel and forefoot, to absorb impact. Rearfoot and forefoot gel cushions provide targeted cushioning.
  • Support: Supportive shoes helps stabilize your feet during runs to prevent injuries. Look for shoes with motion control features.
  • Weight: Lighter shoes reduce fatigue. Many budget shoes are very lightweight.
  • Breathability: Mesh uppers allow sweat and heat to escape so your feet don’t overheat.
  • Durability: Budget shoes should hold up for at least 200 miles or 3-6 months of regular running before replacement.


How long do budget running shoes last?

Most will provide 200-300 miles or 3-6 months before replacement. Lighter runners may get less.

Are cheap shoes bad for you?

Not necessarily, many budget shoes provide adequate support and cushioning. Just ensure they meet your foot’s needs.

Can you run long distances in cheap shoes?

Yes, so long as the shoe fits your foot and running style well. Lighter runners may prefer more support for long runs.

How to get the most out of budget shoes?

Rotate pairs to avoid overuse, replace when significant wear is seen, and consider orthotics or inserts for extra cushioning.

Are there big differences between $80-$100 shoes?

Marginally, $80-100 shoes tend to have slightly better cushioning/support systems but cheaper options can still perform very well.


All of these picks deliver fantastic performance and value for the price. Consider your foot type, running gait and typical runs when choosing the best budget shoe for your needs. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great running shoe.


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