Best Robot Vacuum And Mop Combo: Top Choice & Complete Guide 2024

More and better robot vacuums and mops have made it easier than ever to clean without using your hands. The best robot vacuums and mops won’t completely replace a deep clean, but they are handy, easy to use, and will cut down on the number of times you need to use a regular mop. Lastly, the best part? Most of them can do it with the touch of a button, so you don’t have to use buckets or heavy bottles of cleaner.

Our top picks:

Best robot mop and vacuum combo for small spaces

ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+ Robot Vacuum and Mop

$480 at Amazon

The Best Gear Reviews Institute’s Home Care and Cleaning Lab tests a lot of different types of cleaning products every year. Each year, they test dozens of new steam mops, regular mops, vacuums of all shapes and sizes, and more. We test new models all year long because new features are added to the category all the time. For example, robots with self-emptying bases and robots made with pet owners in mind are always being tested.We test any wet floor cleaner by seeing how well it gets rid of dried messes, like coffee dribbles and sticky jelly, that we put on test floor panels in our Cleaning Lab.

We also test all of the robot vacuums that can also mop at the same time. To see if the device could damage floors, we also check how easy it is to use and keep up, as well as how much water it leaves on wood, vinyl, and tile floors. We chose the robot mops below after trying them and carefully looking over product information, videos, online customer reviews, and information from the makers.It’s all at the end of this guide. We’ll talk more about how we test robot mops in our Lab and tell you how to choose the best one. Want to find more creative ways to keep your floors clean? Read our tips on the best vacuum mops and the best mops for wooden floors.

SAMSUNG Jetbot Mop

$244 at Amazon

  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to use and store
  • Can be used vertically or horizontally
  • Doesn’t shut off automatically when finished

The most interesting thing about Samsung’s Jetbot Robot Mop is that it can clean both floors and walls. The handle on top of the tool makes it easy to hold and scrub high surfaces, like bathroom and kitchen floors.We put this model to the test, and we still clean our vinyl kitchen sheet flooring with it at home. Our professionals were able to clean a vinyl kitchen floor, a ceramic tile entrance, and a hallway with it because it ran for 100 minutes and had two water tanks. They didn’t have to change the tanks or stop to charge them. You can wash the pads in a machine and use them more than once. After being washed, they looked brand new, even after we cleaned up spills that left spots.

With the Jetbot mop’s remote control, you can pick from eight different cleaning modes, such as auto, edge cleaning, and extreme cleaning. It doesn’t need to be linked to an app. It’s easy to store the Jetbot because it’s thin. Some other robot mops we’ve tried have bases that can empty themselves, but this one doesn’t. It does, however, come with a drip tray. It can tell when it’s going too close to furniture or floors, but you’ll still need to physically block off the areas you don’t want it to go into and turn it off by hand when it’s done.

Robot height 5.5 inches
Mopping pad type Reusable microfiber pads
Dry cleaning mode N/A
Battery runtime 100 minutes
Notable features Can be used to clean walls, two water tanks, carpet and furniture detection, stairs detection

Dreametech L10s Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

$900 at Amazon

  • Base washes and dries the mopping pads after a cleaning task
  • Floor cleaning solution included with robot
  • Pricey

Dreametech’s L10S Ultra robot vacuum and mop might be a good choice if you hate cleaning your floors and picking up pet hair. This model is a more feature-rich version of the L10 that we already talked about in this guide. In our lab tests, it performed just as well as the original.Out of 10 other self-emptying types, it got the second-highest total score for mobility.

The robot comes with a bottle of the brand’s floor-cleaning product. The sweeping pads are instantly given the right amount of cleaner before each cleaning job, and it stores easily in the charging base. This robot was different from many others we’ve tried because it was able to get rid of sticky spots after just one pass. Like other types from the same brand, the L10S Ultra doesn’t need the dustbin or cleaning pad to be taken off by hand. As soon as the cleaning job is done, the base dumps the bin itself and starts washing and drying the pads.

When the L10S Ultra saw a carpet, it quickly raised the cleaning pad high enough to keep the carpet from getting wet. As soon as they got on the ground, they were almost free of pet hair. When it was done emptying itself, there was no pet hair in the trash can or on the brush roll. It did great on our tests of how easy it was to use because it had a simple app that let users plan cleaning jobs, change the amount of water and suction, and watch a live feed from the robot’s camera while it cleans. It is one of the most expensive robots we have ever tried, but we think it is worth the money because of how well it works and what features it has.

Robot height 3.8 inches
Mopping pad type Reusable pads
Dry cleaning mode Vacuuming
Battery runtime 210 minutes
Notable features Cleans and dries mopping pads after cleaning session, voice control, recharge and resume, remote camera viewing through app, schedule cleaning, adjusts cleaning path according to obstacles and room sensed, auto-boost suction on carpet

ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 OMNI Robot Vacuum and Mop

$900 at Amazon

  • Extra-large water tanks and dust bag in base
  • Leaves floors nearly dry after mopping
  • Extra tools and dust bags stored in base too
  • Sometimes goes around debris instead of picking it up

We’ve been using the Ecovacs X1 Omni at home for more than a year and are still impressed with how well it works. It has cleaned under chairs, beds, and the legs of dining room tables without ever getting stuck.Sometimes it seemed to skip over small pieces of trash instead of picking them up, but this only happened a few times and could be fixed by setting the robot to clean our test floors again for a deeper clean. In a house with wooden floors in the bedrooms and living room, it cleaned well without getting the floors too wet or leaving streaks.

The tiled kitchen floors were a little harder to clean because some old water spots were still there after a second deep clean.Its charging base can also hold clean water and a very large trash can. When the robot is done cleaning, it washes the floor pads automatically. Voice orders can be used with this robot mop even if you don’t have an Amazon or Google Assistant gadget. “OK Yiko” wakes up the X1 Omni, but it will sometimes talk back even when we’re not talking to it.The Omni also talks to you while it cleans. It lets you know when the mopping pads need to be cleaned and when it’s done. You can change the robot’s suction power, the amount of water it uses on the washing pads, and whether you want it to clean in one pass or two. You can also set no-go zones and cleaning plans through the app.

Robot height 4.1 inches
Mopping pad type Reusable mopping pads
Dry cleaning mode Vacuuming
Battery runtime Up to 260 minutes
Notable features Base washes mopping pads, recharge and resume, schedule cleaning, virtual no-go zones, zone cleaning, camera can be viewed through the app

ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+ Robot Vacuum and Mop

$480 at Amazon

  • Fantastic mopping performance in our Lab tests
  • Charging base has a small footprint
  • Skips carpets when mopping pads are installed

We tried six robot vacuums for our 2023 Best Cleaning and Organizing Awards. The Ecovacs T9+ did the best job of cleaning out of all six. After just one pass, our test floors were free of sticky chocolate syrup, lipstick, and dry jelly spots. The part of the robot that scrubs floors vibrates very strongly without affecting its vacuum power. It shook the whole robot as it went through our obstacle course. It had a little trouble with the dirt we put in tight spots, but the rest of our test floors were almost completely dirt-free. The T9+ also managed to avoid small objects like a pair of shoes and a small toy that was meant to look like dog poop.

You’ll have to take off the cleaning pads before you can use this robot to clean your carpets and rugs at home. It will avoid them while they are in place.Like most other robot mops that are linked to an app, you can use the app to change the suction power and the amount of water that goes onto the mopping pads. You can also plan cleanings for later. One of the most exact maps of our obstacle course was made by this model.You can see, change, and name places from the app. You can also see your furniture in 2D or 3D. It took this model just under 8 minutes to clean up our obstacle course, which is much faster than any of the other models we tried.

We think it would work well in small homes. The small size of the charging base also makes it very space-efficient. It can still hold as much trash as bases twice its size for up to 60 days. The air cleaner pod that you can put inside this model is unique. It will give off a nice, light smell as it moves through your home.

Robot height 3.7 inches
Mopping pad type Disposable cleaning cloths
Dry cleaning mode Vacuuming
Battery runtime 180 minutes
Notable features Recharge and resume, 3D mapping, schedule cleaning, auto-boost suction when more debris detected, air freshener built-in

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop

$1,300 at Amazon

  • Can be used with or without self-emptying base
  • Very gently taps furniture, if it bumps it at all
  • Washes mop pad after cleaning session
  • Self-emptying base is the bulkiest we’ve seen

Before, we had an older Roborock model in our guide. Now, we have this newer, more automatic model from the same brand with a lot of features.It is a robot cleaner and mop that cleans floors with sound vibration technology and empties itself. It amazed us with how well it cleaned the floors during our tests, going back to clean the corners of a room it missed the first time. It lifts the mop pads instantly when it detects rugs and changes the suction and mopping power based on the room it’s cleaning. You don’t even have to name the rooms in the app—the S7 can tell which room it is by looking at the furniture while mapping.

Large pieces of furniture were easy for it to avoid, but smaller things like shoes were hard for it to do so in our test area.The big charging base has three tanks: one for dirty water, one for clean water, and one for dry trash. It instantly fills up the robot’s water tank, cleans the mop, and holds dirt from multiple sessions, which makes the all-important robot clean-up a little easier.

You can buy the S7 MaxV robot vacuum and mop (currently out of stock) without the self-emptying base if you don’t mind physically filling the water tank and dust bin. The base doesn’t look very nice, though. You can change the suction, pick from different cleaning modes, mark areas that don’t need to be mopped, follow the robot’s path while it cleans, and set cleaning times for different rooms in your house from the Roborock app.

Robot height 4.0 inches
Mopping pad type Reusable vibrawash mop cloth
Dry cleaning mode Vacuuming
Battery runtime Up to 180 minutes
Notable features Washes mopping cloth, recharge and resume, schedule cleaning, virtual no-go zones, zone cleaning, carpet detection

Dreametech W10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

Credit: Dreametech

  • Dries mopping pads after cleaning
  • Cleans floors quickly and efficiently
  • Leaves floors damper than we would like

Our lab tests on Dreametech’s line of robot vacuums and mops have shown that they work well for a number of years. This vacuum and mop in one won an award in the Cleaning and Organizing Awards the previous year. It was also one of the first types we tried that dried the mop pads after cleaning them.The charging base is big, but it doesn’t look too bad in the corner of the room. It has clean and dirty water tanks that are big enough to hold water for several cleaning sessions.

When it’s done cleaning, the robot goes back to its base and uses hot air to clean and dry the mop pads. For how much it cost, we were a little let down that the dust bin did not empty itself into the base.For our expert test at home, the app was simple to use and helpful for keeping track of where the robot was, how far it had cleaned, and if it got stuck anywhere.

You can also set up cleaning times to just vacuum, just mop, or both at the same time with this app. The W10 can run for more than three hours on a single charge, but it probably won’t need that long to clean. It was done in less than an hour and had two beds, a living room, a kitchen, and halls.The maker says it’s safe to use on wooden floors, but our floors were a little wetter afterward than we’d have liked. However, the two pads scrubbed messes well with just one pass over them.

Robot height 4.15 inches
Mopping pad type Reusable pads
Dry cleaning mode Vacuuming
Battery runtime 210 minutes
Notable features Washes and dries mopping pads, recharge and resume, store multiple maps in app, virtual no-go zones, zone cleaning, increases suction when on carpet

How we test robot mops

In 2002, the Best Gear Reviews Institute’s Cleaning Lab put the first robot vacuum through its paces. Since then, we’ve put hundreds of robot vacuums and mops through tough tests in our lab to see how well they work and how easy they are to use. We just finished testing 11 self-emptying robot vacuums and 6 combo vacuum mops that were sent to us for the 2023 Best Cleaning and Organizing Awards.

In our lab, we test robot vacuums just as often as we test full-size vacuums. Dozens of regular people have also tried models for us and given us information.As part of our robot mop test, we check how well each one can remove sticky spots from a number of Lab floor panels.

We use testing methods created by the International Electrotechnical Commission and ASTM International to see if robot vacuums can vacuum or sweep dirt away.In these dry cleaning tests, the cleaners have to pick up trash in a straight line from bare floors and rugs and in a two-room obstacle course that was made just for them. We check how much trash each robot can pick up, how long it takes to clean, and how long each battery lasts.

We also check how well each robot can move from one type of ground to another, clean under low furniture, and get around corners that aren’t very wide. It is also checked to see how detailed the models’ maps are when they make maps of the place they clean.We rate each robot mop on how easy it is to use the settings and app, how easy it is to set up the first time, and how easy it is to take apart and clean all of its parts after use.

What to look for when buying a robot mop

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best robot mop for your home.

✔️ Dry-sweeping vs. vacuuming: Most of the robot mops you’ll find on the market also do some kind of dry clean-up — they either sweep using a dry pad to lift up dust or vacuum with suction. Models that double as vacuums will have the added task of emptying a full dust bin after cleaning (unless they also come with a self-emptying base), while models that dry-sweep will need the sweeping pads discarded or washed after each use. If your floors are especially covered in debris, letting the device vacuum before setting it to mop will yield better results.

✔️ Easy setup and maintenance: The easier the better when it comes to charging the robot mop, filling and emptying the water tank, removing or replacing the cleaning pads and setting it up to clean once or on a regular schedule. The easiest to maintain are models that come with a self-emptying station that only needs to be emptied every 30 days or more. Most of the new models we’ve tested in the Cleaning Lab now come with a QR code on the packaging for easier app setup too.

✔️ Battery life: Look for models with a runtime of at least 90 minutes on a single charge. Most robot mops now recharge and resume cleaning to finish the job if the battery starts to run low mid-cleaning. If you have a large home, this is an especially important feature to look out for.

✔️ Safety for floor surfaces: If your home is mostly wood floors, be sure the robot mop you select is designed to clean that surface. Soft, fluffy brush rolls or robot mops with no brush rolls at all are best. For wet mopping of wood floors, look for a model that allows you to adjust and control the amount of water that goes into the pads. All robot mops are safe for vinyl and tile floors.

✔️ Floor and carpet sensors: If you have a mix of carpet and hard flooring, choose a robot mop that can determine the difference to avoid wetting your carpets. Many models are able to lift the mopping pads off the floor’s surface a few millimeters when a carpet is detected, but this may not be enough for homes with thick, plush carpets. Instead, look for robot mops that have mapping features that allow you to select only certain areas to clean or have no-go zone strips that you can manually set up around your thick carpets.

✔️ App integration: Most new robot mops and vacuums can be paired with an app to save maps of your home, set cleaning schedules, select cleaning modes or see what your robot is up to while you are away. While not all robots require an app to work, they do make using a robot mop a more valuable experience. If you’d prefer not to use an app, look for a model that has at least a power and dock button right on the robot or charging base and comes with a remote control.

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