Best Wood Burning Stoves in 2024 – Expert’s Reviews

There is nothing more cozy than a roaring fire in the middle of winter. Unfortunately, fires aren’t a good way to heat your home, especially in cold places. But wood fires, which run on logs and just the right amount of burning, are both aesthetically pleasing and a cheap and energy-efficient way to heat your home. A new wood fire, on the other hand, gives off enough heat to warm your whole house and won’t leave you out in the cold when the power goes out.

But wood stoves do need to be cleaned and serviced by a professional every so often. Some places, like Colorado, Idaho, and Utah, also don’t let you use wood fires when the air quality is bad. Also, people who like wood stoves should be careful when they shop for and install them because there are rules about how far away they can be from flammable materials in the walls and floors of the outside of the home.

Wood fires that are heavier also need to be properly supported, which means they can’t be put in some mobile homes or prefab houses.

Luckily, modern wood stoves aren’t just made for homes in the suburbs or in cabins. Campers and backpackers like a variety of smaller, compact wood stoves with cooking surfaces because they can use fuel they find in the wild to cook and heat their food while they’re on the go. Here is a list of some of these small fires, along with some of the best wood heaters to keep your home warm this winter.

Our Toppicks

Brand Features Check Price
Ashley Hearth AW1120E-P Efficient EPA certified smoke and particulate emissions Buy Now
US Stove Company BSK2000 Heavy Duty Camp Stove Kit Breaks down into compact pieces for portability Buy Now
Best Electric Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove Realistic log burning visuals with flames Buy Now
US Stove US1269E Cast Iron Stove Heavy duty cast iron builds for durability Buy Now
StarBlue Camping Rocket Stove Lightweight at only 1.4 lbs for easy carrying Buy Now

What to Consider in a Wood Stove

There are many different styles and sizes of wood stoves. You should pick one that fits your space in terms of style and how well it works. Find out what you need in a wood stove and what you don’t.


These days, wood stoves come in two types: catalytic and non-catalytic. Both clean the air by reburning waste to lower emissions, but catalytic stoves do it in a slightly different way that makes them more efficient at this second burn. People like non-catalytic stoves because they are cheaper and make heat a little more efficiently. The prices of wood stoves with catalytic converters are too high for most people to afford right now.

That’s why all of the types we’ve listed below are not catalytic. More hot stuff: fire pit tables, outdoor fire pits, and fire pits that don’t catch fire


When it comes to safety, the size of your wood stove is just as important as how much room it can heat. Before you put in a wood stove, find out what the spacing rules are in your state. According to federal rules, the stove should be set up at least 3 feet away from any walls, ceilings, or floors that could catch fire. If you have kids, think about how much space you’ll need around the stove for a child safety gate and where you’ll store and stack your fuel.

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. It may sound fancy, but British Thermal Units (BTUs) are just a way to measure how much heat is being made. This is not the same as a wood stove’s cooking area because it refers to how much energy the stove makes in an hour. As a general rule, to heat 20 square feet, you need 20 BTUs. This free BTU tool lets you enter the exact number of thermal units your home needs.

Area for heating

Figure out whether you’ll be using your wood stove as your main source of heat or just to add to your home’s heat in the winter. A small wood stove can heat up to 500 square feet, and a larger wood stove can heat up to 1,000 square feet. A big one can heat a room that’s at least 1,500 feet long. Not always is more better, it’s important to note.

To save money and make the most of your wood stove, ask yourself if you really need to heat the whole house or just the rooms your family uses most.


Even though wood stoves today are lighter than ever, many big ones can still weigh several hundred pounds. If the stove is too heavy, you might not be able to put it in a mobile home or in some places in your house that aren’t strong enough. You should instead look for a wood stove that has been approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for use in mobile homes.

If you want an outdoor wood stove that is small enough to take camping or traveling, you should look for one that is light and has parts that can be folded up.

Length of the log

It’s not just about how easy or cheap it is to use different sizes and types of wood in your wood stove. It can also change how long the fire burns and how efficiently it works, which is very important if you use your wood stove as your main source of heat. Most wood stoves can fit a log that is about 16 inches long and 3 inches wide. As you might expect, wood stoves that are made for smaller logs might require you to get your axe out more often than you’d like.

Tested by the EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved many modern wood stoves for sale in the United States. This means they meet current health standards for both safety and pollution. All of the wood stoves below have been approved by the EPA. You can also look at the EPA’s listing of approved wood-burning heaters.

How We Chosen These Wood Stoves

When I decided which wood stoves to suggest, I looked for cheap models that don’t use catalysts and still meet EPA emissions guidelines. There are a lot of different types of wood stoves that made the cut, so you should be able to find one that fits your style and your space. Getting that country feel is one of the best things about having a big fire in the middle of your house.

A lot of the stoves I chose have a range or a large window where you can sit back and enjoy the fire. I also used the study that writer Alex Rennie, who is also a contributor to this piece, had already done.

Ashley Hearth AW1120E-P

The Drolet Escape 2100 Wood Stove is a versatile and efficient freestanding stove suitable for smaller spaces up to 1,200 square feet. This wood stove uses advanced EPA Phase II emission technology to burn cleanly and heat homes in an environmentally-friendly manner. It features a large glass window to enjoy the flame and steel construction for durability.

The Drolet Escape 2100 Wood Stove is controlled by an intuitive thermostatic control that moderates heat output and allows the stove to operate efficiently at its lowest burn setting. Its simple yet elegant styling fits easily within both traditional and modern interior design aesthetics.


  • Efficient EPA certified smoke and particulate emissions
  • Durable steel construction
  • Large glass window viewing area
  • Intuitive thermostatic heat output control
  • Compact size suitable for smaller spaces


  • Smaller heating capacity only up to 1,200 sq ft
  • Requires regular wood supply and maintenance
  • Chimney must be professionally installed and cleaned annually
  • Stove and chimney installation requires expertise
  • Higher upfront costs compared to gas heating

The US Stove Company BSK2000 is a durable and versatile camp stove kit. It includes a heavy gauge steel stove body with a cooking grate and spark screen to safely contain the fire. The stove breaks down into compact pieces for portable backpacking or car camping. It can be used with fuelwood by loading it through the front loading door.

Alternative fuels like propane, butane or ethanol canisters can also be used with the included adapter hose and regulator. The stove offers reliable cooking power in outdoor settings and serves the needs of both casual campers and serious backpackers alike. Its modular design and optional fuel compatibility provide great flexibility.


  • Sturdy steel construction for durability
  • Breaks down into compact pieces for portability
  • Compatible with different fuel sources via adapters
  • Large cooking surface and adjustable burner control
  • Inexpensive and versatile camping stove option


  • Heavier than canister stoves due to steel body
  • Requires fuel gathering if used with wood
  • Assembly/disassembly adds prep time to each use
  • Stove body can accumulate residues over time
  • Performance depends on user/terrain/weather conditions

The Best Electric Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove provides the comforting warmth and ambiance of a traditional fire without smoke or mess. It features realistic crackling logs and embers utilizing infrared heat technology to disseminate warmth across a wider area compared to standard electric heaters. The appliance is wall mountable or can sit freestanding on the included legs.

It offers versatile installation and minimalistic design that integrates easily into any home décor. Controls are convenient for adjusting heat output between 750-1,500 watts as desired. At only 12 pounds, it is highly portable and can be moved between rooms as needed for supplemental warmth.


  • Realistic log burning visuals with flames
  • Wide infrared heat distribution for efficiency
  • Minimal installation requirements
  • Portable and versatile unit size
  • Simple controls for heat level adjustment


  • Does not emit genuine firelight or ambiance
  • Only suitable for supplemental room heating
  • Lacks crackling audio of real burning wood
  • Higher upfront cost than standard space heaters
  • Not for primary residential or commercial heating

Best For Small Spaces US Stove US1269E Cast Iron Stove

The US Stove US1269E is a freestanding cast iron stove designed to efficiently heat spaces up to 1,500 square feet. The heavy duty cast iron construction retains and evenly distributes heat for prolonged efficiency. It features an attractive brass interior, large viewing area and front-loading door for easy loading of wood. A removable ash pan and thermostatic draft controls provide convenience. The EPA certified emissions meet the most stringent national standards.

Durable powder coated matte black paint resists weathering. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, it combines beauty, utility and environmental responsibility into one versatile heating appliance. Dovetail joints secure cast iron plates for centuries of use.


  • Heavy duty cast iron builds for durability
  • Attractive brass interior and powder coat finish
  • Large firebox and window for heat viewing
  • Clean burning and emissions compliant
  • Thermostatic controls offer adjustable heat output


  • Requires skilled installation and chimney
  • Higher cost than some wood burning options
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance needs
  • Heavy unit requires assistance to move or transport
  • Learning curve to operate efficiently

The StarBlue Camping Rocket Stove is a versatile and portable camping stove that provides reliable cooking power using small pieces of fuel efficiently. It features a unique rocket-like combustion chamber design that burns fuel at extremely high temperatures for fast boiling and cooking capability. This minimizes fuel usage.

Made from high quality stainless steel, it is durable for backcountry use. At only 1.4 lbs, it is among the lightest single burner stoves allowing for easy packing. A windscreen and pot supports stabilize pots for safe cooking. This highly rated stove is an excellent choice for backpacking, hiking, camping, or emergency preparedness situations whenever a go-to camp cooking solution is needed.


  • Extremely fuel efficient burn technology
  • Lightweight at only 1.4 lbs for easy carrying
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Compact and stable design for backpacking
  • Inexpensive high-performance camping option


  • Learning curve to optimize fuel-air mixtures
  • Not suitable for large pot/pan cooking
  • Smaller cooktop than multi-burner stoves
  • Additional pot & windscreen required
  • Flames visible – not for enclosed spaces


The Fltom Camping Wood Stove is a portable and versatile camping stove designed for use in tents or shelters. Made of high-quality stainless steel, it features a large combustion chamber that burns wood efficiently to quickly heat enclosed living spaces. The stove outputs up to 3000BTU of heating power. It comes with sturdy legs to elevate the stove for safer operation and removable ash pans for easy cleaning.

Weighing only 18 pounds, it is lightweight enough for backcountry excursions. The insulated chimney reduces heat loss and directs smoke away safely. Its compact design makes it ideal for fitting inside most camping tents and shelters. With its powerful yet safe wood-burning functionality, this stove provides an excellent winter camping or overflow heating solution.


  • Heats larger enclosed spaces than individual use stoves
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • High heat output of 3000BTU from wood fuel
  • Removable parts for cleaning
  • Insulated chimney reduces heat loss


  • Heavier than individual camping stoves
  • Requires wood or fuel source to be packed in
  • Some assembly required for use
  • Safety risk if used incorrectly indoors
  • More maintenance than propane stoves

The Lineslife Wood Burning Camp Stove is a budget-friendly option for cooking over an open fire on camping trips. Made of durable cast iron, it has a roomy cooking surface and racks that allow it to function as both a grill and stove. Independent legs raise the base above the ground for safer operation. A spark screen and sliding ash pan make for easy cleanup.

Weighing only 8 pounds, this compact stove can be easily carried into the backcountry. Although simple to use, it offers powerful and even heating from its wood-burning firebox. Its classic design ensures many future trips, and its affordability makes practicing essential camping skills more accessible. Overall, it provides a reliable method for cooking outdoors using readily available fuel.


  • Inexpensive cast iron construction
  • Functions as both grill and stove
  • Lightweight and compact for carrying
  • Independent legs for safe ground clearance
  • Easy access parts for cleaning


  • Heavier fuel reliance than gas options
  • Basic design lacks advanced features
  • Requires gathered wood or coal as fuel
  • Assembly/disassembly for each use
  • Performance depends on conditions

The Ironclad Supply Rocket Stove is a portable and compact wood-burning stove ideal for backcountry use. Inspired by rocket stove design principles, it burns fuel extremely efficiently through a draft-induced secondary combustion chamber. Made from 16-gauge carbon steel, the stove is light enough for hiking at just 2.2 pounds yet durable for long-term use.

It features adjustable air vents for optimal burn control and comes with powder-coated grill grates for cooking versatility. Stainless steel hardware and heat resistant silicone seals withstand high temperatures. Capable of boiling a liter of water in just 5 minutes, this highly rated stove extracts maximum heat from minimal fuel. It collapses down for packing into any pack or duffel bag. The rocket stove design makes it a great companion for camping and bug-out situations.


  • Extremely fuel efficient burn technology
  • Lightweight and compact for backpacking
  • Adjustable airflow for temperature control
  • Durable carbon steel construction
  • Rapid boil capability from small fuel loads


  • Learning curve to optimize fuel mixtures
  • Smaller cook surface than traditional stoves
  • Additional pot & windscreen required
  • Flames visible – not for enclosed spaces

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