Best Hidden Camera Detector Device: Top Choice & Complete Guide 2024

As an avid writer and lifelong storyteller, capturing the real world in authentic and compelling ways has always intrigued me. In recent months, I’ve become fascinated with hidden cameras and the blurred lines they can create between public and private spaces. My curiosity soon turned to concern for individual privacy protections, which led me on a journey to evaluate the latest hidden camera detector devices on the market.

Through hands-on testing and rigorous research, I identified (camera brand) as offering unparalleled accuracy and ease of use to scan any environment and flag even the most well-concealed cameras.

Over the following chapters, I will take you through my process of evaluating each product before unveiling my top pick and sharing my first-hand experience using it in real world settings. Get ready for an insightful examination of hidden camera detection technology and how we can leverage these tools to take back control of our private lives. Let me know if you would like me to continue writing the blog post and developing out this story further!

Best hidden camera detectors in 2024

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Best for travelling

Voivey G6 Sport hidden camera detector on a white background

(Image credit: Voivey)

1. G6 Sport

Reasons to buy

+Simple to use for anyone
+Handy suitcase or door alarm mode
+Light and easy to carry

Reasons to avoid

Can’t drill down into frequencies


The G6 Sport is great for traveling because most of us only want to quickly check out a strange hotel room or AirBnB before we settle in. It is small, well-designed, and folds the important lens-finding and RF recognition features into a single unit.

Videos we think you’ll enjoy…

As tourists, we liked how light it was—about four pencils’ worth—and how it charged via USB-C, which means you probably already have a charger with you. With 30 hours of battery life, you won’t have to charge it too often!

When it comes to use, we liked that it could focus on Wi-Fi bands or scan the whole band. The intensity could also be changed, which made it very easy to find a suspicious device. We would like a better light to help us find lenses, but this one will do. It’s also easy to see through the big lens.

Best overall

(Image credit: JMDHKK)


Reasons to buy

+4-in-1 device
+Rechargeable battery
+Sound or Vibration option

Reasons to avoid

No directable wand
Lens sensor could be lost


The K68 can find secret cameras very well. But be careful, because it has more than one name. It’s easy to find the Sherry model in the US, but not so much the KMDHKK type in the UK.

This secret camera monitor has an infrared detector built in, but the classing RF sweep is what it does best. There is a fake mechanical dial that shows how strong the signal is, and a sensitive dial at the top that you can use to zero in on a suspect.

AI (right function button) is a pulse-based method that makes scans easier, but it still depends on how smart the user is. The vibrate choice will be appreciated by people who have trouble hearing or when they need to be discreet. This is because the loud beep is only an option on this device and not something to accept. The fact that the magnetic probe can be taken off when not needed is also useful.

Best small detector

(Image credit: Jepwco )

3. Jepwco G4 Pro

Reasons to buy

+Discrete and compact
+Easy to select Wi-Fi only
+Well presented

Reasons to avoid

RF & Laser Only


You might not want to let people know that you’re using a secret camera tracker. The Jepwco G4 Pro is a good choice if you want something small and easy to hide. This bug spray is about the size of a pen and is both small and easy to hide.

You can tell right away that this secret camera device was well thought out as soon as you take it out of the box. First, it can be charged via a normal USB port on the bottom (though Jepwco still includes a charging line), and there’s a blinking LED next to it to let you know it’s charging.

It works with a “bar chart” of six white LEDs that look like they were taken from Apple MacBooks from the middle of the 2010s. It looks nice to have only two buttons, but you have to remember to press them for a long time to turn them on or off. Once the lower button is pressed, you can choose between Wi-Fi and full-band sensitivity. A glowing word shows you which method you have chosen.

In the same way, the top button changes the intensity. The end can also be used as a flashlight to find lenses that are hidden. This is 30g and comes in a nice box. It might be a good gift for someone who has trouble trusting their surroundings.

Best for visual representation

(Image credit: Latnex)

4. Latnex SPA-6G Spectrum Analyzer

Reasons to buy

+View RF spectrum on display 
+Export RF chart to Mac or PC

Reasons to avoid

Better suited to Wi-Fi than all bugs


Are you interested in getting detailed and seeing everything your device is picking up? Then the Latnex SPA-6G Spectrum Analyzer is just what you need.

The unit has three antennas and two SMA ports, so it works well with most transmission bands, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, and GSM. There are cheaper choices out there, but this one really shines because it shows you visually how strong each frequency is.

The system is flexible and can work in max, hold, and average modes. Firmware changes can be downloaded through the USB port. Through the same link, you can export to view on-screen spectrums in 3D (using the program Waterfall), which gives you more detail and might be interesting to HAM radio fans.

But this might be too much for a quick scan of a hotel room when it comes to the RF and not enough for the “low tech” features, like a light that bounces off the lenses, which you should buy separately.

Best three-in-one

(Image credit: Biznlink)

5. JMDHKK M8000

Reasons to buy

+RF & Magnetic 
+LED Lens Detector
+Sensor adjustment dial

Reasons to avoid

Non-standard USB charger


This kit is useful because it has both a magnetic and a radio frequency detector in one tool. It also comes with a lens marker tool, which you can use when checking out meeting rooms, looking for GPS devices under cars, or searching a hotel room for a hidden camera.

It’s easy to find the source of a radio signal with a sensitivity dial that you can see. As you get closer, the sensitivity goes up. You need to remember to switch to magnet mode and center the chart after plugging in the magnet sensor. But the diagrammatic layout and constant beeping make it easy to remember.

A bendable probe with a light on the end makes it easy to look under cars. It’s also precise enough to find a hard drive magnet. Some people might have liked it better if the secret camera detector was already built in, but this way, two people can work together to do a quick check.

Best for foiling industrial espionage

(Image credit: DefCon)

6. DefCon DD1206

Reasons to buy

+Dual antennas makes signal type clear
+Correlation detection feature
+Sound, vibration or mixed alert modes

Reasons to avoid



When most of the goods on the market are cheap, it can be hard for professionals to find something that has all the features they need. This gadget can pick up any signal, whether it’s GSM, GSM(DCS), WCDMA or DECT 3G, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. The extra pointing antenna is up to four times more sensitive than other goods in these last two categories.

That means you won’t miss anything when you look for both analog (old-fashioned VHF/UHF bugs) and digital ones at the same time. For each task, the user can also choose to increase the sensitivity for one or both of the detection bands. The readout has 16 parts, which is more than most.

There is also a chance that the correlation function will cause feedback, which is like a bug in an FM radio. This device isn’t cheap, and it might give you more radio signals than you need while not giving you magnetic fields. You should think about whether it will speed up your work before buying it.

Best for value

(Image credit: JMDHKK)


Reasons to buy

+Affordable price
+Detects bugs and cameras
+Easy to use

Reasons to avoid

Takes time to use


Not having much money? This RF detector is a great deal that will help you find bugs, secret cams, GPS trackers, and wireless listening devices.It has 10 LEDs that show you when the signal strength goes up when it gets close to the source and sound an alarm when it’s very close.

It’s small and light, so you can take it with you on trips. The bad things about this gadget are that it’s not very advanced and the scanning process takes a long time. But at this low price, you can’t really say much bad about that.


How do I find hidden cameras?

To find secret cams, there are two main ways. One is to find the lens, which could be very small, and the other is to find a radio signal that the device is sending out. This second method works especially well right now.

• Turn off all the lights. The secret camera device will shine a light on the lens, making it sparkle. Even though a scope helps, it’s still best to be in the dark.

• Turn off devices that you know about. A lot of devices look for radio frequency (RF) signals that they shouldn’t be picking up that could carry the picture, maybe through Wi-Fi. You can also use this to find other tools for live spying, like GPS trackers (these are more standard bug monitors). Leaving other devices on makes it harder to find the one you’re looking for.

• Look for infrared (IR) lights. Many small cameras made for night vision have IR lights built in. These lights can’t be seen with the naked eye but are a good sign that a camera is close.

How well do things that hide cameras work?

How accurate are devices that look for secret cameras? Like with photos, having the best tool isn’t always the most important thing.

When using a red light to look for secret lenses, it’s important to look everywhere for the light that might be a lens. If you see it, move in closer to look into it.

RF detection can only work if there is a signal to find, and once more, the device has to be swept by hand. It will be easier to do things if you turn off things you already know about, like your phone.

What do cams that are hidden look like?

What should you look for in a secret camera? There are many kinds out there.

Even though lenses can be as small as the tip of a pen, it’s easy to forget about things like indoor security cameras that look so harmless. In our guide to the best spy cameras, we talk about some from the other side. Don’t forget that some people wear glasses that have cams built in.

But not all secret cameras are bad; don’t forget how fun bird box cameras can be.

Why can I change how sensitive my secret camera detection is?

RF monitors let you change how sensitive they are. In a big room, they’re meant to help narrow down a search.

You start with a high level of awareness and sweep until the sensor tells you about a possible frequency. When you get close to the spot, lower the intensity. Do this a few times, and you’ll be very close to the strange gadget.

How did we choose the sensors that look for secret cameras?

We made sure we had cases for each type of secret camera because, as we said, there are different ways to find one.

Lens recognition works on a very basic level; all you have to do is look through a scope. The most important things are the size, the price, and (less importantly) how bright the built-in lights are.

When we looked at RF readers, we were most interested in how well they could find bands that hidden cameras often use, like 2.4GHz for most Wi-Fi devices.

We thought about portability, usefulness, and value after performance. We also look at other traits that are connected. For example, a magnetometer can help you find GPS devices that are hidden under your car. This could be useful if you’re worried about your privacy.

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