Best Home Router Without Wifi in 2024: Buyer’s Guide & Expert’s Reviews

It’s true that wifi computers are very cheap and have fast connections these days. The speeds are still not as fast as a cable link, though. There’s no question that wired links are more stable and give you better access to the internet.

So, this piece is for you if you want to buy a wired router for your home or office. A list of some of the best wired routers on the market has already been made. However, before you choose one, you should always make sure of the following things:

  • Speed: These routers let you connect via direct connections, so you will be working with Ethernet ports. While some routers have 10/100Mbps ports, which are pretty good. You can choose options that give you speeds of up to 1Gbps, though, if you need more speed.
  • How Many Ports: Since a cable router’s job is to let multiple devices share internet speed. You should check the router to see how many LAN ports it has. Also, there should be more than one WAN port if you use links from more than one ISP.
  • Security: You should always keep your link safe from hackers and other outside threats. Because of this, most wired routers have hardware firewalls and other security features to keep your network safe.

Aside from that, if this is your first time buying a wired router, you might want to read the detailed “Buying Guide” that comes after this piece. Let’s look at the list of the best Wired Routers until then and see what they have to offer!

5 Best Wired Router in 2023

Best Wired Router Number of Ports Data Transfer Rates Security Buy Now
NETGEAR Wired Router 8x Gigabit Ethernet ports Up to 1000 Mbps Check On Amazon
Ubiquiti Networks Edgerouter 8-Port Router 1x Gigabit WAN port, 8x Gigabit LAN ports Up to 1000 Mbps Hardware Firewall Check On Amazon
TP-Link Multi-WAN Wired VPN Router 1x Gigabit WAN port, 1x Gigabit LAN port, 3x Gigabit WAN/LAN ports Up to 1000 Mbps DoS defense, IP/MAC/URL filtering, Advanced Firewall Check On Amazon
TRENDnet 4-Port Broadband Router 1x 10/100 WAN port, 4x 10/100 LAN ports Up to 100 Mbps Advanced Firewall, IPsec, L2TP, and PPTP Multiple VPN passthrough, Web URL Filtering Check On Amazon
Cisco RV160 VPN Router 1x Gigabit WAN port, 4x Gigabit LAN ports Up to 1,000 Mbps Business-Grade Firewall Check On Amazon

Best Wired Router in 2023: Reviews

1. NETGEAR Wired Router

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NETGEAR GS308E 8-port Gigabit Ethernet Plus Switch has really made the experience of using a network better. Its speed is truly amazing. With its Gigabit Ethernet ports, everything moves very quickly. Its Gigabit Ethernet ports make it easy to stream movies, download files, and play games.

What struck me even more was how reliable it was. There will be no more annoying drops or delays. It was easy to set up, even for someone like me who isn’t tech-savvy. The web interface is very simple to use, and the program was very easy to customize.

It also uses little energy and is quiet. It saves me money and stops annoying background noise. It also comes with a 3-year guarantee, which makes me feel safe.

Best Features:

  • Lightning-fast Gigabit Ethernet ports for quick and smooth performance.
  • Reliable connectivity with a stable connection.
  • User-friendly setup and configuration.
  • Energy-efficient design for cost savings.


  • Blazing-fast Gigabit Ethernet ports.
  • Reliable and stable network connectivity.
  • Energy-efficient operation.


  • Limited to 8 ports, may not be suitable for larger networks.

2. Ubiquiti Networks Wired Router

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When it comes to making products and offering IT and networking services, Ubiquiti Networks is another pretty well-known name.

For that reason, this wired router is ranked second on this list because it is one of the best-built and -designed routers on the market. The unique thing about the ER-8 Edgerouter is that it has a rackmount design that makes it easy to put on any rack. In fact, it comes with all the screws and nuts you need to mount it right in the box. When it comes to specs, this wired router has a strong Dual-core 800MHz CPU and 2GB DDR3 RAM.

For something that can connect to up to eight devices at once, it needs this much processor power. On this wired router, there are 8 Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet RJ45 ports, 1 WAN port, and 1 USB port. Besides that, this router has pretty good speeds because it has hardware-accelerated routing, which lets it send 2 million bits per second.

Key Features:

  • Uses Dual-core 800MHz CPU
  • Has 2GB DDR3 RAM
  • Rackmount Design
  • 8x Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet Ports
  • 1x Gigabit WAN port
  • 1x USB port
  • Supports Hardware Accelerated Routing


  • High-performance router
  • Offers ports in abundance
  • Rack-mountable design


  • Very Expensive

3. TP-Link Multi-WAN Wired Router

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Next, we have another TP-Link Wired VPN Router that you should think about getting if you can’t afford the first one.

The TL-R605 cable router from TP-Link is a good choice for third place on this list because it works just as well as any expensive router and costs a lot less. You can connect to a VPN securely through this router from TP-Link. It also has other security features like DoS protection, IP/MAC/URL blocking, and an advanced firewall that keep your network safe and let you browse safely. So long as your devices already have SDN, you can also use this server to benefit from it.

There is also Cloud Access on the TL-R605 wired router, which is easy to handle with the Omada app. To use this feature, you will need an extra cloud-based interface and pay some extra fees. For those interested in Gigabit ports, this wired router has 3 LAN/WAN ports, 1 WAN port, and 1 LAN port. The general shape and size of the router are quite appealing; it’s small but strong. In fact, this TP-Link router has 4KV lightning safety just like the other one. The Limited Lifetime Warranty is there in case something goes wrong.

Key Features:

  • Multiple WAN ports
  • Speeds up to 1000Mbps
  • DoS defense
  • IP/MAC/URL filtering
  • Advanced Firewall
  • Omada SDN
  • Cloud Access
  • 4KV Lightning Protection
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Highly secure VPN connectivity
  • Durable and compact design
  • Attractive Pricing


  • Need to pay extra fees for cloud services

4. TRENDnet Broadband Wired Router

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TRENDnet has a lot of great choices for cheap wired routers that you can use at home or in the office for simple tasks.

This TRENDnet TW100-S4W1CA cable router is one of the best choices. It’s pretty small and doesn’t cost a lot of money either. You can connect to the internet through the router’s 4x 10/100Mbps Auto-MDIX ports (LAN) and 1x 10/100Mbps WAN port. All the devices that are linked to this router are always safe from hackers and other online risks thanks to its Advanced Firewall and Web URL Filtering features.

Setting up the router is pretty simple; we usually use a computer browser to do this. The router is also very advanced because it has smart UPnP technology built in, which lets it quickly identify new devices that are linked. In addition, it supports internet apps like email, games, FTP, and more at the Application Level Gateway level. One more great thing about this router is that it can be handled or operated from afar. Aside from that, TRENDnet guarantees this router for 3 years.

Key Features:

  • 4x 10/100Mbps LAN ports
  • 1x 10/100Mbps WAN port
  • Speeds up to 100Mbps
  • Supports Application Level Gateway
  • UPnP Technology
  • Web URL Filtering
  • Advanced Firewall
  • 3-Year Warranty


  • Highly Affordable
  • Remote Management
  • Advanced Firewall protection is good


  • No Gigabit Ethernet Ports available

5. Cisco RV160 Wired Router

Cisco RV160 VPN Router

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You may already know that Cisco is a world-famous name in IT and networking, and they have been making high-quality networking gear for a long time.

You will love using this high-end wired router from the brand we chose because of this. The Cisco RV160 VPN router is a pretty safe choice for business owners because it supports IPsec VPN and has a hardware firewall for safe viewing and connecting sites. This wired router is great for office, home office, restaurant, and other places because it has 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports that can give speeds of up to 1000Mbps. However, this router only has one 1 Gigabit WAN port, which is strange since it costs so much.

This router is great because it works with the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client. This lets you handle the router from afar as well. It does a good job of performing; it can handle up to 50Mbps VPN throughput and 600Mbps NAT throughput, which is pretty good. You will be happy to know that all Cisco goods have a limited protection that lasts for life.

Key Features:

  • 4x Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • 1x Gigabit WAN port
  • Speeds up to 1000Mbps
  • IPsec VPN support
  • Support for Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client
  • 600Mbps NAT throughput
  • VPN throughput 50Mbps
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Fantastic Performance
  • Allows Remote Management
  • Comes with commendable security


  • Does not support Multiple WAN ports

Buying Guide for the Best Wired Router

But we’ve already talked about some of the best Wired Routers on the market in this list. If you are looking for one of these devices for the first time or don’t know much about them, it might still be hard to pick the right one for you. There’s no need to worry, though, because this buying guide has all the information you need to make this job many times easier. So, make sure you read this whole buying guide before choosing a wired router from the list above.

How fast

Before you choose a router, you should first understand what kind of internet connection you have and how fast it is. It is important to have fast internet if you want to use a wired router in your business or office. So, getting a plan with 1Gbps should be fine. As long as you don’t use it very often, though, a 100Mbps link should be fine.

You can choose the right router for you based on how fast your internet connection is. If you only have a 100Mbps plan, you can still get a 1Gbps router because you can change your plan later and still use the same router. If not, stick with 100Mbps cable routers if you are tight on cash.

Peace of mind

When it comes to security, wired links are not at all like wireless ones. As a general rule, most wired routers have advanced hardware protections built in and can support multiple VPN protocols. This makes the link safer from hackers and other online threats. Because of this, you should always check the router’s security features to make sure it can keep you safe while you browse.

Ports for WAN

All cable routers have a WAN port that lets you connect to your internet service provider’s network. Most of the time, a router with just one WAN port is enough. You may need more than one WAN port on your wired router, though, if you have signed up for a second ISP to use as a backup. We’ve already talked about some of the best wired routers on the list that have up to 4 WAN ports, which lets you connect to more than one ISP at the same time. Besides that, you should know that Gigabit WAN ports can connect at speeds of up to 1000Mbps. Normal ones, on the other hand, can only handle speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Ports for LAN

The LAN ports use the same RJ45 plug and look the same as the WAN ports. You can choose a good connected router based on how many devices you want to use at the same time. Several of the choices on the list have up to four LAN ports, and some have as many as eight.

There are 8 ports on an 8-port router, so it can connect 8 devices at once. A 4 port wired router can connect up to 4 devices at once. When it says that the LAN ports are Gigabit Ethernet ports, it means that they can handle speeds of up to 1Gbps. The normal 10/100 LAN ports, on the other hand, can only offer speeds of up to 100Mbps.


Secondly, if you need to connect to your network from afar, make sure the router also has a safe VPN connecting feature. The routers that work with VPN methods like IPsec, L2TP, or PPTP are safe and give you good network access.

Setting up

If you have never set up a router before and are new to networking. Afterward, stay away from the choices whose setup is hard to understand. We’ve instead talked about some of the best wired routers, which are easy to set up and install. Not only will picking a router that is simple to set up save you a lot of time. You’ll save money because you won’t have to pay a networking expert to do the job.

Promise of Warranty

Last but not least, if you are worried about the item, you can look at its guarantee. Well-known names like TP-link and Cisco back up their goods with a lifetime warranty and free technical help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On the other hand, you might never need to use a guarantee because everything on the list is well-made and works perfectly.


What are the benefits of a home router without WiFi?

A router without WiFi allows you to have a dedicated wireless access point for your WiFi devices instead of using your router. This can provide better wireless coverage and performance.

How do I set up a router without WiFi?

To set up a router without WiFi, you will connect an Ethernet cable from your Internet modem to one of the LAN ports on the router. Then connect another Ethernet cable from a second LAN port on the router to your wireless access point. You may also need to configure some basic network settings.

Can a router without WiFi still support multiple devices on my network?

Yes, a router without WiFi can still support multiple wired devices on your network through its Ethernet LAN ports. It establishes separate local network for both wired and wireless devices to communicate.

What are some recommended wireless access points to use with a WiFi-less router?

Some top wireless access point brands that work well include NETGEAR, TP-Link, Linksys, D-Link and Asus. Look for a model that supports your WiFi standard and number of concurrent devices you need to support.

How do I know if my devices will work with a router without WiFi connectivity?

Any device that can connect to a traditional WiFi network should work fine when connected to a separate wireless access point connected to the router. The router establishes the network infrastructure while the wireless access point broadcasts the WiFi signal for connectivity.


The items on the list were meant to be goods you liked. Should you be having trouble deciding which product is best for you, you can always compare them by how much they cost. Besides that, the buying guide will also help you if you want to compare the features. If you want to know which items on this list we think are the best, here are some fine suggestions:

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