10 Best Under Cabinet Range Hood: Top Choice & Complete Guide 2024

It can be hard to decide which under-cabinet range hood to buy when there are so many to choose from. We understand. We test range hoods every day, so we know which ones are good and which ones you should avoid. Then, which are the best under-cabinet range hoods and what are their pros? There is a list of the best ones below. This piece goes into detail about what’s good and bad about each brand.

We will talk about other things, like its benefits, before buying a certain one. This piece tells you everything you need to know to get the best range hood for your needs.

Our Top Recommendations

Toppicks Brand Features Check Price
Best Overall Cosmo COS-QS75 30 inch Cosmo COS-QS75 has a four-speed fan choice that moves air efficiently at 500 CFM Buy Now
Best Budget Broan-NuTone BCSQ130SS Move up to 375 CFM and make up to 5.5 Sones of sound Buy Now
Best High-End Option Hauslane | Chef Series 30″ PS18 You can pick from six fan speeds to set the suction and noise levels to delay the turn off Buy Now
Best for Small Spaces: Broan-NuTone 413004 The incandescent lights can use up to a 75-watt bulb and have a lens that spreads the light evenly around the room Buy Now
Best Runner up IKTCH 36 Inch With two centrifugal motors and four speeds Buy Now

How We Evaluated Range Hood Brands

There are a lot of range hoods that my home inspection business checks every month. We looked at more than 20,673 customer reviews, data from reputable sources like Consumer Reports, and tried and reviewed more than 20 range hood brands for this piece. We look at name quality, longevity, CFM ratings, sone ratings, features, and price when choosing our top picks. For goods we test and suggest, we look for ones that have at least 100 customer reviews and at least 4 out of 5 stars.

We also looked at goods that had at least 80% of reviews giving them four or five stars. If you want to improve your kitchen without a lot of work, hire one of our top-rated neighbourhood kitchen remodelling companies. Quickly and easily put in new countertops, cabinets, sinks, taps, and more. Find Out Your Options If you buy something, we get paid a small fee. It doesn’t cost you anything extra.

What is an Under Cabinet Range Hood?

There’s a chance you already know what an under-cabinet range hood is, but it might be helpful to go over it again. With an under-cabinet range hood, you put the hood right under a cabinet, as the name suggests. It helps get rid of smells, steam, heat, and smoke that come from cooking or making food all the time.

Definitions to Know Beforehand

If you read about kitchen hoods, you might come across some things you don’t know. You need to know this information before you go any further so that you can make an informed choice.

Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM)

Air flow is measured in cubic feet per minute. To be more exact, the volume shows how fast the air engines are working.

This thing is named after the unit used to measure it: cubic feet of air per minute. There must be at least 250 CFM in a range hood. That being said, you need at least 350 CFM if you have a business kitchen or cook a lot at home. The most CFM that can be given is 1000. Most under-cabinet types, on the other hand, are 500CFM or less. It can get rid of a lot of strong smells and enough steam from your kitchen with that much power.

Sones Rating

If you know anything about sound, you already know or can guess what a sones grade is.The number of sones shows how loud or quiet your fan is. Let’s say your range hood has a 4 in. noise level. In that case, it should sound like a normal TV. For range hoods, though, the best kind is one with a sones value of 3 or less and at least 250 CFM. This brings us to our next description.

Best Under Cabinet Range Hoods Under $200

Broan-NuTone BCSQ130SS 

Broan-NuTone BCSQ130SS Three-Speed Glacier Under-Cabinet Range Hood with LED Lights
It’s a good way to keep the kitchen ventilated because it includes both an exhaust fan and a ceiling light inside the cabinets. This hood can move up to 375 CFM and make up to 5.5 Sones of sound, which is enough to get rid of 97.4% of smoke and food smells faster. With a simple push-button handle that lights up a single-intensity LED module, you can make sure that your kitchen is well lit all over.
Two open mesh grease filters that are all one piece and can go in the dishwasher make cleaning them easy while still capturing all the grease.

Broan-NuTone BCSQ130SS

Check Price

For people on a tight budget, the Broan-NuTone BCSQ130SS Three-Speed Glacier flexible under-cabinet range hood is a good choice.It takes 30 inches to use the Broan-NuTone. Because most stoves are that size, it fits perfectly under your cabinet. The BCSQ130SS type is very cheap for people who are trying to save money. In addition, the Broan-NuTone is a great way to keep your kitchen cool because it has both an exhaust fan and a ceiling light.

This range hood will improve the air quality because it ventilates pretty well. The machine can produce up to 5.5 sones and up to 375 CFM. The vent can get rid of 97.4% of smoke and cooking smells much faster thanks to these rates. If you don’t mind a little noise, this stainless steel type is for you. You won’t be short on fan speed. It has a 3-speed button that lets you make any changes you think you’ll need.

Have you ever heard of a filter that can go in the dishwasher? You can now because the two-sided piece is easy to clean and can be put in the machine.Putting the filter in the dishwasher doesn’t change how much grease it can catch.

The cooker has an LED light for people who like them. This feature makes the area where you cook brighter. It is easy to use because you can control it with the push of a button. This is the last thing we want to talk about with the Broan-NuTone. You can change the software in four ways to make it work for everyone:

  • 3.25-inch by 10-inch piping that can be upright or slanted, with a damper.
  • Vertical tubing that is 7 inches round and sold without a filter.
  • The air is recirculated and there are no ducts. The filter is sold separately.

Broan-NuTone 413004

Check Price

The 30″ 413004 ductless range hood from Broan-NuTone is another great and reasonable option. Following are the colours you can choose from based on the style you want: Black Bisque White Biscuit made of steel The type comes with a charcoal filter that can be quickly switched out when the amount of grease it picks up gets too much. In exchange, this keeps your home clean and fresh.

The range hood is of high quality and has a stainless steel frame that makes the lighting and air flow over the stove better.

The Broan-NuTone has a ductless filter device that gets rid of smells and smoke around your home. The incandescent lights can use up to a 75-watt bulb and have a lens that spreads the light evenly around the room.

Of course, you will need to buy the light bulb you want.

It’s flexible because the separate rocker switches let you control the lights and a fan that has two easy-to-use speeds. Last but not least, there are two ways to connect the range hood: with a power cord kit (HCK44, sold separately), or by hardwiring it in.

The hob above must be at least 18 inches high. Size-wise, this under-cabinet range hood is 30 inches wide, 17.5 inches deep, and 6 inches tall.

Best Under Cabinet Range Hoods Under $500

Hauslane | Chef Series 30″ PS18

Check Price

The Hauslane Chef Series 30′′ PS18 is the next thing we’ll talk about. It costs a little more than the other two (30′′ under cabinet range hoods), but after reading all the good things about it, it might be worth it. This range hood is made of stainless steel and looks great. It also has some great features, such as digital push-button settings and baffle screens.It’s a great way to update your kitchen or get better tools all around.

The Hauslane also comes in black and white, which is great for people who want something simple or new.

The features are better than other machines, like having a strong suction and three-way vents. It also looks good in your kitchen.

First, the pressure works well if you cook a lot because it gets rid of smells faster than a regular range hood. It keeps dangerous chemicals from coming into your home while you cook, and you can change the airflow to suit your needs. Second, there are three ways to vent it, which saves money and makes it work with the pipes you already have.This is what you can do:

  • Straight 6″ round duct.
  • Straight 3 1/4-inch by 10-inch rectangle duct.
  • Wide: 3 1/4 inches by 10 inches.

You can change the settings to make them even better. You can pick from six fan speeds to set the suction and noise levels to delay the turnoff, which makes it pretty simple to use. Plus, it gives off a 2700K warm glow that you can change to match the style of lighting in your kitchen. You don’t have to scrub the stainless steel baffle filter for hours to clean it; you can just put it in the dishwasher.

Cosmo COS-QS75 30 inch

Check Price

The Cosmo COS-QS75 30-inch range hood is the one in question. The name says that it is 30 inches long, and it is yet another stylish and useful choice for your kitchen.

With two centrifugal motors and four speeds, the Cosmo COS-QS75 has a four-speed fan choice that moves air efficiently at 500 CFM. You can quickly let air flow through the kitchen without making a lot of noise. The filters are easy to clean because they are made of stainless steel and can go in the machine. The part number for this is #CFK5, which is a carbon filter kit with a split design that can be bought individually.

It is a choice that isn’t too expensive, makes cleaning up mistakes easier, and doesn’t hurt your health. There are also more fun things to do while you cook.

What about a range hood that comes with a wireless remote? You now do, because the hood comes with a remote. The 1.5-watt LEDs in the Cosmo range hood use less energy and last longer than regular light bulbs.

Plus, it gives off much brighter, higher-lumen light, which makes it easier to see at night.If your kitchen doesn’t have many or any windows, this is a great choice. Last but not least, the customer service team is based in the US, and parts are covered by a 3-year restricted guarantee.The type in question is 29.5 inches wide, 22 inches deep, and 10 inches high. 120V/60Hz with a three-prong plug is what the Cosmo needs for power. The duct needs to be for the 7.5-inch round with a top vent.

IKTCH 36 Inch

Check Price This is the IKTCH 36 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood.

It has a CFM value of 900 and lets the most air flow through. You can cook big meals with this little range hood because it is stronger than many of its rivals.

The strong filter gets rid of a lot of smoke at once and keeps the smells from getting too strong. When the fan is running at full speed, it makes 60 decibels of noise.A restaurant or office would sound like that.

The motor has four levels of great performance that work together to make a quiet air system for your kitchen. In and of itself, the style is very current and beautiful, and it stays very useful with a lot of features, such as:

  • The switch panel has sensors and a touchscreen.
  • Screen with pixels.
  • All stainless steel body.

Because the LED lamps are made of two separate parts, you can change how bright the light is for cooking. The flap filters made of stainless steel are pretty simple to clean and can go in the machine. Baffle filters save money in the long run because they don’t need much upkeep. This under-cabinet range hood makes your kitchen look trendy and like a restaurant.

Hood Features You Should Consider

You might consider some features before solidifying your purchase with a range hood. However, many of the ones mentioned above already have these features.

1. Number of Fan Speeds

Some manufacturers offer four to six fan speeds. Yet, only two would suffice unless you genuinely wish to have more of this feature. These two settings should be very high when you cook and a relatively lower set that you should use when you eat and after cooking. Overall, you should not need more than a three-fan setting.

2. Airflow

As we mentioned earlier, airflow is a pretty important factor, but not all that matters. However, the more airflow you have means more ventilation is much quicker. Many models with moderate airflow work like those with twice the amount of airflow. 

3. Exhaust Timer

Don’t you hate getting up from what you are currently doing to turn off the hood of your stove? In that case, look for a model cabinet hood with a timer or a remote control where you can quickly turn it off by clicking a button.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Should I Spend on a Range Hood?

Range hood prices vary depending on their CFM rating, materials, and brand. Most people will spend about $150 to $500 on a range hood with a 400 CFM rating or less. Ducted range hoods with 400 CFM ratings or higher cost $500 or more, with many luxury brands costing $1500 or more.

Are Under Cabinet Range Hoods Good?

How well an under cabinet hood works depends on the CFM rating, ducting, and filter type. A ducted hood with a 300 CFM rating is sufficient for most residential cooking on an electric range or cooktop. A ductless under-cabinet hood can filter most cooking exhaust before redistributing the cleaned air. For gas cooking, a 400 CFM rated ducted hood is preferred. Ducting the hood to the exterior removes excess odors and toxic fumes like carbon monoxide that a filter alone can’t.

How Many Inches Above Stove Should an Under Cabinet Range Hood Be?

An under-cabinet range hood is typically installed 20 to 24 inches from the cooking surface to the bottom of the hood. However, if you have a gas stove, the hood is positioned 24 to 30 inches away from the cooking surface unless specified differently by the manufacturer.

Why Trust Home Inspection Insider

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Final Thoughts

To get the best under cabinet range hood for our last and final words, remember to look at its features, the sones rating, CFM, and other perks. In some cases, those perks might be a remote control to turn the fan off, an automatic timer, or featuring LED lighting. We hope this guide was helpful for you in choosing what the best cabinet hood was!

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