Best Range Hoods in 2024

Best Range Hoods in 2024

There’s nothing better than a meal made at home or cakes that are just out of the oven. On the other hand, cooking and baking often leave behind smells or splatters of grease that you might not want to be in your house. For getting rid of smells, grease, smoke, and steam in your kitchen, having a range fan can make all the difference. But not all range hoods are the same. Different vent types and airflow sizes are available, as well as different ways to place them.

Some even let you change the speed of the fan, which can make it hard to choose the best range hood for you. In our search for the best range hoods, we talked to Andrew Forlines, who is a cook and home kitchen equipment expert at cook AF, LLC.

He gives this advice on how to pick the right kind for your needs: “The cooking surface must be at least as wide as the hood vents.” The hood should be bigger than the cooking area if possible. To make a list of the best range hoods, we talked to experts, looked into dozens of types, and rated them based on their price, style, vent and mount type, and airflow capacity.

Our Top Picks

Brand Features Check Price
Cosmo 30-Inch Ducted Wall Mount Range Hood The range hood has good airflow Buy Now
Broan-NuTone 30 in. Ductless Under Cabinet Range Hood This cheap range hood doesn’t have any ducts and has two fan speeds Buy Now
ZLINE 36 in. Designer Series Hand-Hammered Wall Mount Range Hood It’s strong, built to last, and looks great Buy Now
Fotile Draft Range Hood This range hood is quieter and can be placed on the wall or put under a cabinet Buy Now
Cosmo 30-Inch Island Mount Range Hood With the right kit, this island range hood can be turned into a split system and has three fan speeds and LED lights Buy Now
Why you should buy it
The range hood has good airflow, a changeable fan speed, and LED lights. It has vents on the outside.
Do not forget

It can be changed into a ductless fan, but you have to buy a different kit. This Cosmo range hood is our pick for the best range hood in general for a number of reasons. It can handle 380 CFM, which is a good amount of airflow, and it’s piped so smells and food grease are vented outside your home.

However, if you’d rather not have ducts, the range hood can work with a carbon filter kit, which is sold separately. The hood comes with filters that will stay in place and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The LED light will shine light on your stovetop and save you energy. This is especially helpful if your stove is in a dark area of the kitchen. It also has three fan speeds (low, medium, and high) so you can change how fast the air moves if you need to. There is a limited guarantee on the parts of the wall-mounted fan for three years, which is nice to know. The price is also good because it’s not too high or too low.

Why you should buy it

This cheap range hood doesn’t have any ducts and has two fan speeds.

Do not forget

The light bulb is not included, and the hood does not have a power line. If you want a range hood that won’t break the bank, this ductless version from Broan is a good choice. It’s made to fit under a cabinet and comes with a charcoal filter to clean the air that is sucked back in.

The hood is made of stainless steel and has two rocker switches under it. The two-speed fan can be set to either high or low speed with one switch. If you want to use the second switch to turn the light on or off, you’ll need to buy your own 75-watt lightbulb.When you buy the hood, the motor is already oiled, so you won’t have to do anything else before fitting it.

Keep in mind that you can either hardwire the hood when you place it or use a power line to run it. You’ll have to buy a different power cord, though, since the range hood doesn’t come with one.

Why you should buy it

Our pick for the best range fan for your kitchen is this one. It’s strong, built to last, and looks great.

Do not forget

Instead of a digital touch screen, the fan and lights are controlled by push buttons.This is the best range hood if you want one that looks good and does its job well. It’s made of steel and has a hammered pattern made of seven layers of baked copper.

It doesn’t have a digital monitor, but the push buttons look great with the hood and make it look like it belongs together. The buttons turn on and off the fan and two LED lights. But this is more than just a pretty cooking tool. It can move 400 CFM of air and has four fan speeds, so it can get rid of smoke, grease, steam, and food smells. It can be fixed on the wall and has vents on the outside.

If you buy a carbon filter kit, you can turn it into a recycling system. Rust and rusting can’t damage this beautiful and useful range hood. It costs more than some other kinds, but this one combines style, usefulness, and durability into a nice package.

Why you should buy it

This range hood is quieter and can be placed on the wall or put under a cabinet.

Do not forget

A lot of people might not like how current it looks, and the price is pretty high. This type was chosen as the best wall-mounted range hood because it runs quietly and can move 850 CFM of air. The two fans make it a more strong range hood for moving air.

It also comes with three fan speeds and an automatic-off feature that turns off the fans when you’re done cooking. The tablet controls have a locked feature that lets you clean the controls after cooking something really greasy without worrying that you’ll change the settings by accident. It also has a screen that can be taken off and cleaned in the dishwasher.

With the LED lights, the cooking area will be nice and bright, making it easy to see when the bacon for breakfast is done. The range hood has an excessively large surface area so that your whole stove can fit under it. This allows for better cooling. It even has a shield or blocker plate that opens on its own to better let grease and smells in. It can be changed from a wall-mounted fan to an under-cabinet mount as well.

Why you should buy it

With the right kit, this island range hood can be turned into a split system and has three fan speeds and LED lights.

Do not forget The glass shield might show grease splatters more clearly and needs to be cleaned a bit more.

This is the best range hood for islands because of a few things. It’s not just a pretty addition to the kitchen, but its sleek form will go with a lot of different styles. It can handle 380 CFM of airflow, which makes it a good choice for an island stove top with multiple burners that can make a lot of food smells, steam, and grease. The four LED lights make it easy to see what you’re cooking on the stove.

There are three fan speeds on the hood: low, medium, and high. You can pick the speed that works best for you. It has digital settings for the fan speed and a timer. The interface also has a clock to help you keep track of time when you’re waiting for guests to come for a home-cooked meal. It has vents on the outside, and you can wash the fixed filters in the dishwasher. The glass shield looks nice, but keep in mind that it may show grease splatters more easily, so you might want to clean it more often. With an extra buy, this type could be changed to a ductless system.

The Bottom Line

After researching multiple options, the Cosmo 30″ Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood is our pick for the best range hood. It’s externally vented, has adjustable fan speeds, LED lighting, and comes in at a lower price point to make it more affordable.

What to Know About Range Hoods Before Shopping

Airflow Capacity

You should learn about cubic feet per minute (CFM) before you go shopping. CFM tells you how much air a range hood can handle in one minute. This is important to know if you have a gas stove: how many BTUs does it produce? The reason for this is that one CFM equals 100 BTUs. You can pick a range fan for an electric stove based on how much room you have for cooking. Aim for 100 CFM for every linear foot for range hoods that are placed on the wall or under the cabinet. Every inch of cooking space should have 150 CFM of air flow from the island hood. A range hood that lets in enough air is good, but you don’t want to get one that comes with too many features.

Andrew Forlines, chef and home kitchen appliance expert at Chef AF, LLC, says, “If you go over a certain CFM threshold, which varies by local building code regulations but is usually around 400 CFM, you will need to install’make-up air.’ This is a whole other HVAC project of installing a passive external air intake in your home to make up for the air loss.” This is because modern homes are so well insulated and sealed that changes in air pressure inside the home need to be taken into account to keep oxygen levels at a healthy level.


Before you go shopping for a range hood, you should measure your stove and see how much room you have above it. Forlines says that the hood vents should be at least as wide as the cooking area, but it’s better if they’re bigger. He says to look for one that is 6 inches longer than your stove. When it comes to motor size, Forlines says that the largest amount of heat that your gas burners can produce should be used to figure out the motor power size. He says, “Burners that use electricity or induction don’t have to have ventilation by code, but I always recommend some kind of external exhausting ventilation no matter what kind of burners you have.” “Fan and motor sizes with less CFM (cubic feet per minute) can work with induction and electric burners.”

Mount Type

For range hoods, there are different ways to place them: on the wall, under the cabinet, built into the microwave, as an island, hung from the ceiling, or with a retractable downdraft hood. Your stove type and the room around it will help you choose the best range hood mount type for your kitchen. “The best way is to mount it above and have the air exit to the outside,” says Forlines. When it comes to induction burners, downdraft and pop-up downdraft work best.


Some range hoods have settings for both the fan speed and the lights, while others may only have a fan control. Forlines says that the type of settings on range hoods is completely up to the person using them. If you’d like to be able to change the speed of the fan or have a better light above you while you cook, you should look for a range hood with different fan speeds and the right kind of lighting. Again, this is a matter of personal taste; most range hood settings can be changed with rocker switches, buttons, or touchscreens. Some people find it easier to use switches and buttons, but touchscreens look better and are easier to clean. You should check to see if the tablet has a lock so that you can clean it without turning on the hood by mistake.

Vent Type

Range hoods offer two different vent types. External vents move air via ducts installed in the walls, floors, or ceiling of your home. On the other hand, recirculating vents take in air and then filter it before sending the filtered air back into the home. Some range hoods are convertible, meaning you can choose to vent them externally or you can have them recirculate air. When it comes to the size of vents or ducts needed, Forlines notes that “vent size and ducting size is dependent on the CFM of airflow needed.”

Your Questions, Answered

Should you get a range hood?

With a range hood, the air stays clean while you cook or bake. When you fry your best foods, they get rid of strong smells and even grease. Range hoods also take in the steam and heat that cooks make. They are useful for home cooks in many ways. When asked if range hoods are a good buy, Forlines says “yes” with all his might. Forline says this is the best way to get the most out of your range hood: “Turn your ventilation on ‘low’ before you start cooking to train the airflow and catch smells and particles before they form.” It works better to pull in air at a lower setting than to wait until the room smells and is smokey and then turn the fan on “high.”

What kinds of range hoods are there?

There are a few different kinds of range hoods that you can buy. Under-cabinet hoods are usually smaller and are placed just below a kitchen cabinet. Wall-mounted hoods are mounted straight to the wall above the stove. Some range hoods are built right into microwaves to save room. If your kitchen has an island, you might want to hang an island range fan from the ceiling right over the middle of the island.

How do I know what size range hood I need?

There are range hoods that are as little as 2 feet wide and as big as 5 feet wide. Forlines says, “Your hood should be wider than the width of your range or cooktop.” To be exact, he says to go about 6 inches wider than your cooking surface.

What height should a range hood have?

Some people say that a range hood should be 24 to 36 inches above a gas stove. He says that range hoods should be 20 to 24 inches away from an electric stove, though. Reading the stove’s owner’s guidebook is a good idea, and you should also follow any height suggestions that are in there.

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