5 Best Compact Juicers to consider in 2024: Today Deal's

5 Best Compact Juicers to consider in 2024: Today Deal’s

Are you looking for the best small juicers that will give you fresh juice and also fit in your kitchen? You’ve always wanted the best juicer so you can make juice right away. You were afraid, though, because these machines are big and hard to move.

Is it getting harder for you to find the juicer you want? You don’t need to worry anymore because juicers can be small and fit in tight spaces. It will answer all of your questions and help you choose the best juicer for your home.

If you’re like me, you might sometimes wonder why you need a small juicer. Why would someone want to buy the small juicer? You’ll love this answer.

It’s great to have a small juicer in your home. A small juicer will work well if you don’t have much room in your kitchen. It’s easy to put the best small juicer anywhere because it doesn’t take up any extra room.

Who doesn’t like healthy juice that you can make right away? If you have a small juicer, you can make juice that is full of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. You can also find different juice recipes online and make the drink the way you like it. So, use this article’s review of the best 8 small juicers to help you make your choice.

8 Best Compact Juicers 2024

To be more specific, we have talked about the eight best compact juicers that will help you in your selection. In this article, we have mentioned capabilities, features, pros, cons, and specific indications so you can make your buying.


Breville BJE200XL
No need to prep, Powerful Motor, Surprising speed Check Price
Breville BJE530BSS
Fast Juicing, Safety lock, 3.5-inch chute Check Price
Kuvings Silver Pearl Whole Slow Juicer
No dripping cap, Slow speed, Perfect for leafy green Check Price
Gourmia GJ-750
No worries of overflow, It comes with a recipe book, Easy assemble and disassemble Check Price
Omega Vertical Juicer
Quick Cleanup, No noise, Have a reverse button Check Price
SMEG Citrus Juicer
No Mess, Comfortable Cleaning, Provide more juice yield Check Price
Cuisinart CJE-500
Simple to use, Safety locking arm, Removable components Check Price
Hurom HP Slow Juicer
Easy to use, Dry pulp, more juice, Low noise Check Price

1. Breville BJE200XL – Top of the Line

Breville BJE200XL - Best Compact Juicers of 2023

This Breville juicer is one of the best small centrifugal juicers, and it’s perfect for your needs. It makes healthy juice very quickly thanks to its high speed and great power. Most fruits and vegetables can fit in the design’s many holes.

This is one of the best small juicers on our list because it has a unique way of getting juice out of fruits and vegetables. In general, though, spinning machines work this way. The only bad thing about this juicer is that it can’t make wheatgrass juice.

Speed and Power

One great thing about this juicer is that it can get the juice out of almost any fruit or vegetable. At 14000 RPM, the Breville juicer moves very quickly, and its 700W motor gives it power.

Large Chute

The Breville juicer has a smaller side, but it also has a 3-inch wide tube that lets you put whole fruits and vegetables in it.You can easily have a great time juicing without having to worry about getting ready.

It also gathers the pulp in a footprint, which gives you more room in the jar. For a lot of juice to come out, you have to empty the pulp first.

Not a fan of pulp in your juice? Also, take a look at these juicers that don’t use pulp.

Unique Extraction System

With this cutting-edge small centrifugal juicer, Breville has taken things to the next level. The titanium-reinforced disc on this juicer beast drains all the juice, and the micro mesh filter basket is made in Italy.

The parts were made from stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about rust. They made these tools so that they could get the most juice and nutrients out of the liquids.

Compact Design

The juicer is small, slim, and one of a kind, so it can fit in tight areas. It takes away your fears about having too little room in the kitchen. More importantly, it’s easy to move whenever you need to because it’s small and movable.


  • No need to prep
  • Powerful Motor
  • Surprising speed
  • Durable components
  • Warranty


  • Noisy

2. Breville BJE530BSS Juice Fountain Cold Plus – Runner-Up

Breville BJE530BSS Juice Fountain Cold Plus - best compact juicers 2023

Once again, Breville’s customers were amazed by its unique features. It is amazing that this time it has added a Cold Plus system to its mechanical blender. It will help your juice stay healthy by keeping the vitamins and proteins that are important for your body.

It is one of a kind and small, so it will save room in your kitchen. It takes less time to prepare the product because the tube is bigger, and the large pulp bin makes it work better. It is without a question the best small juicer you can buy. It has two speed settings and a one-year guarantee from Breville.

Very Cold Extraction

Breville Bran made a high-tech item that is a centrifugal juicer with a cold extraction system. The cold-spin technology and fine mesh screen made in Italy work together in this juicer to get the juices out. That way, the heat from the juicer won’t hurt the minerals and vitamins that are very important.

Since it has a future body and can do many things, there is no need to worry. If you decide to buy this juicer, it will be the best thing you ever do for your health.

Not Much Time to Prepare

Its extra-large 3.5-inch tube lets you juice any fruit or vegetable without having to do any extra work.You don’t have to cut an apple or carrot to juice it. It will save you time and work, and it will be more fun to juice.

The chute is there, but it also has a bigger 3.9-quart pulp bin that will let you juice nonstop.

A Lot of Space

The 70-ounce jug that comes with this cold plus juicer lets you store more juice. This stylish big jug lets you pour your favorite juice right into the glass.

It can be kept in the fridge for three days thanks to its fast close technology.


  • Fast Juicing
  • Safety lock
  • 3.5-inch chute
  • Stainless steel body
  • Space-saving design


  • Not good with leafy greens

3. Kuvings Silver Pearl Whole Slow Juicer

Kuvings Silver Pearl Whole Slow Juicer - Best small juicer for celery

The Kuvings Slow Juicer is the best masticating juicer for you. The slow spinning speed of this juicer makes perfect, nutrient-rich juice. It’s easy to juice whole fruits and vegetables with its strong motor and bigger tube. It comes with a ten-year protection that makes sure your investment is safe.

Strong Motor and Speed

You can get the best small juicer on the market from Kuvings. Its 240W motor is strong enough to easily crush any fruit or veggie. There are no problems when you juice.

The juicer’s slow speed of 60 RPM keeps the food from getting too hot while it’s being juiced, which protects the nutrients. In the end, it makes the best juice that is full of vitamins.

More room for the feed chute

The big tube on this machine makes it easy to juice all the fruits and vegetables at once, without having to do any extra work. With no-prep, you can juice faster and enjoy it more than ever.

Green leaves

There are a lot of small juicers that can handle fruits and vegetables, but not fresh greens like wheatgrass. But this machine can handle all sorts of fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. Once you have this juicer, you can enjoy all kinds of juice.


  • No dripping cap
  • Slow speed
  • Perfect for leafy green
  • Blank strainer
  • Elegant design


  • Heavier

4. Gourmia GJ-750

Gourmia GJ-750 - Best compact electric juicer for 2023

The Gourmia juicer has a number of choices for different speeds. With a big tube that lets most fruits and vegetables go through without having to be cut up first. The heavy motor makes it easy to juice, and the big pulp jar holds the pulp that automatically comes out.

Large volume means it can hold a huge amount of juice. No need to worry about rust because it is easy to clean.

More than one speed setting

It has two speed settings, so you can choose which one to use. If the fruit is soft, like an orange, you can slow it down. If you want to juice carrots or other hard fruits, on the other hand, speed it up.

It can make your juice experience more fun because it has an 805W engine.

A lot of space

It’s more than enough that the Gourmia juicer comes with a jar that can hold up to 32 ounces of juice. It also comes with a micro-mesh filter that can hold up to 8.5 cups of pulp so you can keep juicing.

Besides that, the sleek stainless steel and blades make juicing more exciting.

Simple to Clean

This juicer can go in the dishwasher, and the parts are easy to take apart and wash. It is safe to use for cleaning soup and is easy to put together again.


  • No worries of overflow
  • It comes with a recipe book
  • Easy assemble and disassemble
  • Large container
  • Maximum Nutrition value


  • Not perfect for veggies

5. Omega Vertical VRT350 Low-Speed Juicer

Omega Vertical VRT350 Low-Speed Juicer - Best compact juicers on the market

The Omega juicer works best with all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and greens. It’s a very famous juicer because it can be used for many things. You deserve the ease that comes with a juicer that has a strong motor and a big chute.

The slow speed helps the juice stay full of nutrients. The best thing about this juicer is that it has a big pulp bin that lets you juice easily. You don’t have to take the pulp out of the juice before pressing it.

Squeezing at Low Speed

The juicer has a low speed of 80 RPM and squeezes the fruits and vegetables instead of breaking them. Because it keeps the juice from getting too hot during the pressing process, the juice keeps its natural color, taste, and vitamins.

Because low-speed juicing stops oxidation, juice can be kept for almost 72 hours without losing any of its nutrition.

Reasonable prices

When the juicer squeezes, it does an amazing job that is very efficient. It’s possible to make the most nutritious juice with the fewest fruits, vegetables, and healthy greens. Isn’t that a great thing that this juicer can do?

Two-Step Juicing

Dual-stage juicing is the coolest thing about this juicer. To get the juice out of fruits and vegetables, this juicer first crushes them. In the second press step, it squeezes the pulp before ejecting it.

This method gives you the most juice and the least amount of watery pulp. It is the best small juicer because it has the best method and is small.

Easy to store

Because it’s small, the juicer is easy to store in the kitchen without taking up too much room. Because it is so light, it can be taken with you when you need to use another juicer.


  • Quick Cleanup
  • No noise
  • Have a reverse button
  • Retain vitamins and enzymes


  • Prep needed for significant juicing

6. SMEG Citrus Juicer

Smeg Citrus Juicer - Best small juicer of 2023

The small size of this juicer makes it easy to store in your kitchen. Along with being smaller, it is also one of a kind because of its small and beautiful design. It can only juice citrus fruits, so it has some limits.

It is one of a kind because it is made of stainless steel, has a strong motor, and will last a long time. To put it more simply, it is the best choice if you want a small juicer.

Slicer and Strainer

The quality reamer and sieve on the Smeg Juicer make sure that juice is perfectly extracted from both small and large fruits. The taste will be better, and there will be less pulp. This juicer is also sleek, stylish, and beautiful because it is made of stainless steel and anti-corrosive parts.

Sensor built in

What’s amazing about this small fruit juicer is that it has a strong 80W motor. With the help of a built-in sensor system, the juicer starts working when the reamer is pressed down. It is easy to make juice, and you don’t have to do anything extra to get it ready.

Dust protection and easy to carry

The triton cover that comes with this small juicer keeps it dust-free when not in use. As you work, this tough Triton cover can also be used as a bowl for food.


  • No Mess
  • Comfortable Cleaning
  • Provide more juice yield
  • Durability and convenience
  • Provides seeds and pulp-free juice


  • Can heat up within 10 minutes

7. Cuisinart CJE-500

Cuisinart CJE-500 - Best Compact Centrifugal Juicer 2023

The Cuisinart juicer is a centrifugal juicer that has a lot of great features for a small machine. The juicer has a strong motor that turns it on and off. A mesh filter separates the pulp from the juice. Making juice all the time is easy and won’t make you sweat.

Cuisinart is a great choice if you want a powerful juicer that doesn’t cost a lot. There are two bins for juice and pulp, and the machine has a low sound while it juices. There is also a safety locking arm on this juicer.

Strong and quick

The 500W motor in the juicer is very strong, and it keeps working well even while it’s processing juice. The process of extraction is great, and the sharp blades help with grinding. A good mesh filter handles the waste at the same time.

Since there is only one on/off button, you can juice right away without having to wait.

Free Prep Juicing

The extra-large opening is great; just put the fruits and vegetables in the tube, and you’ll get juice right away. When fruits and vegetables get too big, you have to cut them, so you have to do this every so often. It also has a food pusher that can help you put the food in the right place in the tube.

Small and takes up little room

With its unique shape, this small juicer is made to save space in your kitchen and help you live a better life. It doesn’t take up much room, and you’ll be glad to know that its parts can be taken apart. It’s easy to put together and take apart parts like pulp buckets, juice bottles, and others.

It will help you clean the juicer after using it. With all of these features, this juicer is good enough to be on the list of the best small juicers.


  • Simple to use
  • Safety locking arm
  • Removable components
  • Easy cleaning


  • Makes foam layer

8. Hurom HP Slow Juicer

Hurom HP Slow Juicer - Best Compact Slow Juicer 2023

Not only is Hurom HP a slow juicer, it is also the most efficient small juicer. Because it’s smaller and lighter, it’s the most compact juicer you can find. This juicer is a little slower than others on the market, but it gets almost 35% more juice out of the fruit, which is amazing.

Auto-pulp release gets rid of the pulp when there is no more juice left. This juicer is the most efficient on the market thanks to its slow squeezing technology and twin-winged auger.

Auger that is slow and has two wings

The 150W motor spins at 43 RPM, so the blender doesn’t make heat because of its slow speed. It’s possible for heat to hurt the juice’s important vitamins and enzymes. It has a twin-winged auger that pulls out the dry food pulp and gets the most juice out of it.

Peace of mind

When you use a juicer at home, make sure it is extra safe for kids. This Hurom Juicer shows off some of its unique safety features. The machine won’t work if any of its parts are missing.

Lasting Power

It’s not as weak as it looks. Because the company trusts what they’re offering, they offer a 10-year guarantee on the motor. Don’t worry about how long it will last; start juicing right away.


  • Easy to use
  • Dry pulp, more juice
  • Low noise
  • Easy clean
  • Elegant look
  • 10-year warranty


  • Time Consuming

The Buyer’s Guide: Best Compact Juicers to consider in 2024

There are over a thousand different kinds of juicers on the market. And it must be hard for you to choose the best small juicer for you since everyone has different needs when it comes to home tools for juicing.

Before you choose a juicer, you should really think about what you want from it. Here are some important things you should think about when you buy a juicer.

Quality of the Juice

The type of juicer has a big effect on the quality of the juice. A masticating juicer, for example, can get more vitamins and calories out of food than a centrifugal blender. The centrifugal machines, on the other hand, get the juice out faster than the masticating machines.

When you buy a device, you can choose whether you want quick juice or juice that is full of nutrients, since masticating a juicer takes some extra time.

Feel Good

You already know that making your own juice is not only better for you but also more fun. The taste depends on the juicer you use and the fruits and vegetables you use. You could get more juice from different fruits and vegetables if you had a juicer that could do more than one thing.

The way that each juicer works is different. For instance, citrus juicers know how to get the juice out of citrus fruits like orange, lemon, lime, and more. Masticating juicers, on the other hand, can process leafy veggies and wheatgrass.

Size a and Weight

In the case of cooking equipment, you might want to check the item’s size and weight. These two things go hand in hand. Compact juicers are usually small and light.

One easy way to decide is to look at how much room you have in the kitchen or another place you choose. It will help you pick out the best goods for you.

Controller for Pulp

You can choose how much pulp is in your juice. Some people love pulp in their juice, while others can’t stand it at all. There are juicers that automatically push out the pulp to make the process easier. There are also juicers like this that let you change how much pulp is in your juice.

When you’re shopping for a juicer, keep the pulp controls in mind.

Audible noise

Noise levels are different for each style. Electric juicers make a lot of noise, so it’s hard to find one that doesn’t. You can choose a juicer with little noise, though, so it won’t bother you too much.

The fast juicers are noisier than the slow ones. If you choose to buy a fast juicer, remember that it will make a little more noise.

Easy to Use

Before you make the juice, you need to do prep cuts. You will have to cut some things because small juicers aren’t big enough. The size of the tube will tell you how small the fruit pieces need to be when you cut them to juice them.

The juicers’ control screens are also very important for making the process easy. For example, they give you many ways to change the speed and other settings.

It’s easy to clean

The process of cleaning the juicer should be easier, and most of its parts should be safe to put in the dishwasher. Look for a juicer that can be taken apart and cleaned in the dishwasher. You should also clean it often and right after using juice to make it last longer.

Wrapping Up

This piece looked at the eight best small juicers that are easy to use and don’t take up much room in your kitchen. The whole thing is based on reviews and scores on Amazon. Now it’s up to you to pick the best one for your wants.

With its 14000 RPM speed and 700W motor, the Breville BJE200XL lets you get the most juice out of your fruits and vegetables. Its 3-inch wide tube lets you put it right away without any preparation. In the end, it’s great for your home because of its unique extraction method and small size.

The Breville BJE530BSS is a centrifugal juicer with a Cold Plus System, which is a very modern feature. It’s amazing that its chute is 3.5 inches bigger, which means that it needs even less or no prep time at all. It’s one of the best small juicers on our list because it can store a lot of food and has quick close technology.

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