Best 33 Inch Refrigerator in 2023

Best 33 Inch Refrigerator in 2024

Want to find the best 33-inch fridge? Do not worry! You’ve come to the right place. Before you buy a 33-inch refrigerator, you should carefully look at its features, functions, and specs.

If you want to buy a new refrigerator, you need to accurately measure both the space where it will go and the area where it will go.

If you have enough room in your kitchen for a bigger fridge, a 33-inch fridge is a great one to add. If you want to buy a 33-inch refrigerator, you should look into different types and names and compare their features and functions.

This piece will save you time because it lists the 7 best 33-inch freezers with full descriptions of their features, specs, pros, and cons. So, it’s easy to compare them and choose the one you need.

The 7 Best 33-inch Refrigerators with Features, Specifications, Pros & Cons

You can now look into the features and functions of the refrigerator you want. Here is a list of the 7 best 33-inch freezers, along with their features, specs, pros, and cons. Let’s take a look.

Brand Features Check Price
Kenmore Top-Freezer Refrigerator Overall Performance & Longevity Buy Now
Samsung French Door Refrigerator Enough Storage Capacity Buy Now
Kenmore Side-by-Side Refrigerator Budget-Friendly Buy Now
KoolMore Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator Smart Features & Design Buy Now
GE Freestanding Top Freezer Refrigerator Usability & Long-Term Food Storage Buy Now
Frigidaire Counter Depth Side by Side Refrigerator Large Family to Hold Enough Groceries Buy Now
Frigidaire Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator Accessibility and Reliability Buy Now

1. Kenmore Top-Freezer Refrigerator with Ice Maker

Kenmore Top-Freezer Refrigerator with Ice Maker
Kenmore Top-Freezer Refrigerator with Ice Maker

If you want to keep things cool and manage the temperature, the Kenmore Top-Freezer Refrigerator is a good choice.

The width is 32.87 inches, the depth is 33.8 inches, and the height is 66.1 inches. It also has a maximum output of 20.84 cu. ft., which is split between the freezer and the refrigerator.

There are 15.04 cubic feet of space in the fridge and 5.81 cubic feet of space in the freezer. For every day, it uses 1.3 kilowatts of power and 120 volts of electricity.

The glass shelves in this fridge are better than the wire shelves in a number of ways.

In all, there are four shelves and three cooler boxes. The freezer and fridge in this fridge can both defrost themselves. This fridge comes with an ice maker that can be hooked up to a water line.

Bins with climate control can help keep food fresh longer, like chicken, fish, fruits, and seafood. It’s most important that the crisper box can keep cabbage as crisp for a week after you buy it.


  • Brand Name: ‎Kenmore
  • Model Info: ‎71215
  • Item Weight: ‎219 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: ‎33.8 x 32.87 x 66.1 inches
  • Item model number: ‎71215
  • Capacity: ‎20.84 Cubic Feet
  • Freezer Capacity: ‎5.8 Cubic Feet
  • Installation Type: ‎Freestanding
  • Part Number: ‎71215
  • Form Factor: ‎Stand Alone
  • Color: ‎Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel
  • Voltage: ‎120 Volts
  • Fuel Type: ‎Electric
  • Connector Type: ‎Water Line
  • Defrost: ‎Automatic
  • Door Hinges: ‎Reversible
  • Shelf Type: ‎Glass
  • Shelves: ‎5
  • Certification: ‎Energy Star
  • Material Type: ‎Stainless-Steel
  • Included Components: ‎Refrigerator, Cord
  • Batteries Required? ‎No

Key Features

  • Freezer And Refrigerator Combo: A 21-cubic-foot top-mount freezer refrigerator with two crisper drawers and a built-in ice maker gives plenty of space for both fresh and frozen foods.
  • Easy Access Shelving: Slide-out glass storage shelves provide for easy access and removal of pies, cakes, casseroles, and other larger food items, as well as LED lighting for a warm, natural light.
  • Convenient Storage: Adjustable, easy-to-remove shelving allows you to tailor your storage space, while gallon door bins accommodate taller and wider food and beverage products.
  • Low Maintenance, High Performance: The clean back design conceals condenser coils, preventing dust accumulation and resulting in improved refrigerating performance and less maintenance.
  • Ideal Size: 33.8″ x 32.87″ x 66.1″ for the ideal amount of multipurpose food storage space in your house, workplace, or garage.


  • Provide auto-defrost system
  • Integrated with reversible door hinges 
  • Allow ice maker 
  • Temperature controlling system 
  • Gallon bin door system 


  • Low freezer capacity 
  • Usage high energy 

2. Samsung 3-Door French Door Refrigerator

Samsung 3-Door French Door Refrigerator
Samsung 3-Door French Door Refrigerator

Samsung has made a big name for itself in the refrigerator business with its well-known goods. If you want the best 33-inch French door refrigerator, this one is ready to be put in your shopping cart.

The makers have made sure that you have the ability you need with the great quality that only one could provide. No need to worry about the many foods your kids bring home or the many veggies they ask for because it has five drawers to store everything.

It needs 120 volts to work. You can choose a different power if you want to. Stabilizers are there to help. Kitchens and living rooms both use the color stainless steel. It has water filters built in, so all you have to do to stay healthy is drink it.


  • Finish Type: Matte
  • Brand: SAMSUNG
  • Form Factor: French Door
  • Configuration: French Door
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 72 x 37.5 x 37.5 inches
  • Lock Type: Electronic
  • Capacity: 27 Cubic Feet
  • Number of Doors: 3

Key Features

  • FINGERPRINT RESISTANT FINISH: A unique Fingerprint Resistant Finish protects surfaces from unattractive fingerprints, smudges, and other blemishes. If any do occur, they can be simply removed.
  • TWIN COOLING PLUS: It keeps food fresher for longer with independent fridge and freezer controls.
  • POWER FREEZE AND POWER COOL: Use the Power Freeze and Power Cool choices to quickly freeze or cool your food. With the stroke of a button, you may quickly lower the temperature in each container. Perfect for quickly cooling your favorite drinks or firming up ice cream.
  • COUNTER DEPTH: This counter-depth refrigerator design provides extra workspace while also improving the appearance of your kitchen. Its sleek, built-in form merges in with the cabinets, giving your kitchen more purpose and style.
  • TECHNOLOGIES: Wi-Fi Enabled, Control the temperature and monitor your refrigerator remotely with the SmartThings App on your smartphone, Twin Cooling Plus, Power Cool & Freeze
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Recessed Handle, Flat Door Design, LED Lighting, 3 Tempered glass Spill-Proof shelves, 2 Humidity-controlled crispers, 6 Door Bins: 1 Gallon bin, 2 Regular bins on each side. 
  • ADDITIONAL FREEZER FEATURES: Adjustable top freezer shelf, Automatic ice maker, Stores up to 5.5 lbs of ice, EZ-Open Handle™, LED lighting. 
  • CERTIFICATIONS AND APPROVALS: Energy Star Certified, ADA Compliant, Enable Sabbath Mode 


  • Door alarming system 
  • Allow interior lighting 
  • Crisper drawers system 
  • Gallon door system
  • Ice and filtration system  


  • Takes a longer time to make ice 

3. Kenmore 36″ Side-by-Side Refrigerator and Freezer

Kenmore 36" Side-by-Side Refrigerator and Freezer
Kenmore 36″ Side-by-Side Refrigerator and Freezer

The Kenmore 25 Cubic Ft. Slim Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Freezer is a good choice if you don’t have a lot of room in your kitchen. Since this is the case, the Kenmore Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Freezer is the best cooking equipment.

This small refrigerator and freezer combo has a lot of space for food and is perfect for small places like flats, condos, and single-family houses. You have 15.46 cubic feet of space for fresh food in the fridge and 9.11 cubic feet of space for cold, frozen food. You can stock up on groceries on your next trip.

With the tall item accommodation door storage, it’s easy to store and get to tall objects like 2-liter bottles and juice boxes. For added ease, the white fridge and freezer both have a clear, humidity-controlled crisper bin for fresh lettuce, celery, and other vegetables.


  • Brand Name: ‎Kenmore
  • Model Info: ‎04650042
  • Item Weight: ‎255 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: ‎33.81 x 35.5 x 69.25 inches
  • Country of Origin: ‎Mexico
  • Item model number: ‎04650042
  • Capacity: ‎24.57 Cubic Feet
  • Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity: ‎15.46 Cubic Feet
  • Freezer Capacity: ‎9.11 Cubic Feet
  • Part Number: ‎04650042
  • Form Factor: ‎Stand Alone
  • Color: ‎White
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Connector Type: ‎Water Line
  • Crispers/Drawers: ‎2
  • Door Hinges: ‎Side by side
  • Shelf Type: ‎Glass
  • Shelves: ‎4
  • Material Type: ‎Steel
  • Included Components: ‎Refrigerator
  • Batteries Required? ‎No

Key Features

  • SLIM FREEZER AND REFRIGERATOR COMBO: This 25-cubic-foot side-by-side fridge and freezer offer a dual-pad ice and water dispenser, as well as enough fresh and frozen food storage in a slim design.
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE: Includes 15.46 cubic feet of interior refrigerated capacity for fresh foods and 9.11 cubic feet of freezer storage for frozen foods, as well as gallon-size door bins for taller, wider items.
  • EASY ACCESS SHELVING: Adjustable, easy-to-clean shelving gives you additional shelf space for better organization, and tall wine bottles and wide juice jugs may be accommodated for customizable food storage.
  • KEEPS PRODUCE FRESH: Crisper drawer with a clear bottom is humidity controlled for fresher, crispier fruits and vegetables, and glides out effortlessly for produce removal.
  • COMPACT SIZE: 35.5″ W x 33.81″ D x 68.63″ H, making it ideal for tiny kitchens.
  • MORE SPACE TO STORE: This 25-cubic-foot side-by-side refrigerator gives the storage flexibility you need to keep your meals organized and accessible.
  • ICE AND WATER WHERE YOU NEED IT: Without pressing a button, this in-door dual-pad ice and water dispenser fills your cup with ice and water. Slide your cup back and press the water pad to dispense water, then push the ice pad to dispense ice. With the clear, built-in window, you can also keep an eye on ice levels.
  • EASE OF ACCESS TO EVERYDAY ITEMS: Integrated with gallon-sized door bins, a dairy shelf, and space for tall products making it simple to access commonly used favorites. Everything from milk jugs to wine bottles is visible and reachable with these storage choices.


  • Flexible storage system 
  • Dual-pad ice and water dispenser
  • Ease of accessibility
  • Easy to clean 
  • Adjustable fridge and freezer    


  • Freezer warming up/compressor failure
  • Heard a bit about freon leaks 
  • Other freezer issues

4. KoolMore RS-FR22 Counter Depth 22.5 Cu. Ft French Door Refrigerator

4. KoolMore RS-FR22 Counter Depth 22.5 Cu. Ft French Door Refrigerator
KoolMore RS-FR22 Counter Depth 22.5 Cu. Ft French Door Refrigerator

Without a question, the refrigerator is the most important kitchen device. It organizes and stores your food, keeps it fresh, and makes ice for your drinks.

That’s why you’ll want a fridge that not only looks good, is the right size, and is easy to use, but also makes your cooking experience better overall.

The CoolMore Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator was made to meet all of your needs in the kitchen. Not only does it look good with your home’s style, but it also has all the storage room and things you need to take care of your family.

It’s sure to meet all of your needs, from saving energy to controlling temperature and humidity to adding more space to your fridge. Along with a sleek stainless steel appearance, each KoolMore fridge has beautiful glass shelves on the inside that make it look better and make it easier to clean.

If you set the humidity in the dual crispers’ produce drawers, fruits and veggies will stay fresh longer than in regular drawers.


  • Brand Name: KoolMore
  • Capacity: 22.5 cubic_feet
  • Color: Silver
  • Connector Type: Water Line
  • Display Type: LED
  • EAN: 0810019862700
  • Finish Type: Matte
  • Form Factor: French Door
  • Included Components: Refrigerator, Shelves, Drawers
  • Installation Type: Freestanding
  • Item Depth: Counter
  • Item Weight: 282 pounds
  • Lock Type: No Door Lock
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Model Number: RS-FR22
  • Noise Level: 45 decibels
  • Number Of Drawers: 3
  • Number of Doors: 4
  • Number of Items: 1
  • Part Number: RS-FR22
  • Power Source Type: Corded Electric
  • Shelf Type: Glass
  • Special Features: Automatic Ice Maker, Electronic Control with LED Display, Energy Efficient LED Lighting, Dual crispers
  • UNSPSC Code: 52141500
  • UPC: 810019862700
  • Voltage: 115 volts
  • Warranty Description: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty, 3 Year Compressor Warranty

Key Features

  • PREMIUM FRENCH DOOR REFRIGERATOR: With a built-in ice maker, plenty of room for food and drinks, and double crispers with humidity control, the KoolMore Stainless-Steel Refrigerator provides all the storage and accessibility you need.
  • SPACIOUS CAPACITY AND ADJUSTABLE SHELVING: At 22.5 cu. ft., it has a large capacity and adjustable shelving. The clearance of this refrigerator matches your kitchen counters while still providing two large freezer drawers, six-door bins, and adjustable glass shelving for all of your food items. 35.8″ X 29″ X 69.10″ Overall Dimensions W/L/H: 35.8″ X 29″ X 69.10″. 
  • Modern Stainless-Steel Design: A Flat Finish with Easy-Open Handles in a Modern Stainless-Steel Design. This counter-depth French door refrigerator blends in with your other appliances and is the perfect height and depth for modern kitchens.
  • Precision Temperature Control: Featuring a double-flow cooling system. as well as, a digital temperature control, our stainless-steel refrigerator, distributes cool temperatures equally to keep fruit, vegetables, and meat fresher for longer. 


  • Humidity controlling system 
  • Easy to use
  • Temperature controlling system 
  • Sleek design
  • Highly efficient ice-maker  


  • Quite expensive
  • Limited freezer access 

5. GE 33 Inch Freestanding Top Freezer Refrigerator

GE 33 Inch Freestanding Top Freezer Refrigerator
GE 33 Inch Freestanding Top Freezer Refrigerator

Want to buy a fridge that can store a lot of different things?The GE 33-inch freestanding top-freezer refrigerator is the best choice for your home in this way. A 33-inch top-freezer fridge that can hold 21.9 cu. ft. This GE 33-inch top-freezer refrigerator gives you a lot of storage space and keeps your food fresh and in order.

The high gloss finish also gives your kitchen a professional look that stands out in any light. This GE fridge is easy to clean because the freezer floor doesn’t touch the floor and the door gaskets are simple to take off.

It also has clear closet drawers for fresh foods, a snack box, a crisper to keep food fresh longer, and door shelves that can be reached for gallon storage, butter, and condiments.

So, this 21.9-cu.-ft. fridge has strong handles that make it easy to get to the things inside, as well as LED lights to help you find and store frozen foods and groceries.


  • Brand Name: ‎GE
  • Item Weight: ‎225 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: ‎34.5 x 32.75 x 66.37 inches
  • Capacity: ‎21.93 Cubic Feet
  • Freezer Capacity: ‎6.68 Cubic Feet
  • Installation Type: ‎Freestanding
  • Part Number: GTS22KMNRES
  • Form Factor: ‎Freezer Top
  • Color: ‎Black Slate
  • Voltage: ‎120 Volts
  • Crispers/Drawers: ‎3
  • Door Hinges: ‎Reversible
  • Lighting: ‎LED
  • Shelf Type: ‎Glass
  • Shelves: ‎2
  • Batteries Included? ‎No
  • Batteries Required? ‎No
  • Manufacturer Warranty: ‎1-year manufacturer warranty

Key Features

  • 32.75″ wide x 66.375″ tall x 34.5″ deep 21.9 cu. ft. Capacity – It has enough room for frozen dinners, meats, ice cream, and other items.
  • LED Interior Lighting: When a door or drawer is opened and closed, the light gradually brightens and dims, creating a clean white illumination that is both appealing and energy-efficient. Visibility in the upper compartment is improved by side and top illumination.
  • Adjustable Glass Shelves: Glass shelves that can be adjusted give a solid foundation while enabling light to pass through and illuminate the bottom. You can rearrange or remove them for more storage options or make cleaning easier.
  • Adjustable Wire Shelves: Rearrange the internal space to accommodate people of diverse shapes and sizes, or eliminate shelves for easy housekeeping.
  • Upfront Temperature Controls: Both the fresh food and freezer compartments are controlled by simple settings.
  • Frost Free: Maintains the freshness of the goods for a longer amount of time. Removes ice and germs build-up, as well as foul odors.
  • Gallon Door Bins: Deep bins can handle large containers at the door, allowing you to store more fresh food.
  • Factory Installed Ice Maker: A drink isn’t complete without a few ice cubes to cool it down. You can now get a consistent supply—on demand. Thanks to this ground-breaking icemaker.
  • Adjustable Edge-to-edge glass shelves that extend the full width of the refrigerator provide a polished aesthetic and simple access for cleaning.
  • With modular bins directly on the door, you will have more flexibility and organizational options.
  • Garage-Ready – Designed to work in temperatures ranging from 38 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Integrated with  2 Glass Shelves, Right Hinge with Reversible Doors, Crisper Drawer, Frost Free Defrost (Black Slate). 


  • ADA Compliant
  • Enable Sabbath Mode
  • Energy Star qualified badge
  • Integrated with Door Gaskets, Ice Bucket, 1 Adjustable Shelf 


  • Excessive condensation
  • Sometimes make loud sounds
  • Compressor makes buzzing noises  

6. Frigidaire GRSC2352AF Counter Depth Side by Side Refrigerator

Frigidaire GRSC2352AF Counter Depth Side by Side Refrigerator
Frigidaire GRSC2352AF Counter Depth Side by Side Refrigerator

Want to find the best side-by-side counter-depth refrigerator? The Frigidaire 36-inch Side by Side Smudge Proof Refrigerator is a great choice.

This Frigidaire 36′′ Side by Side Smudge Proof Refrigerator has a counter width, an ice maker, automatic defrost, glass shelves, a door-ajar alarm, LED lighting inside, and an external spigot. It can hold 22.2 cu. ft. of food.


  • Finish Type: Stainless steel
  • Brand: Frigidaire
  • Form Factor: Side By Side
  • Configuration: Side-by-Side
  • Capacity: 22.2 Cubic Feet
  • Shelf Type: Glass
  • Single ice maker
  • Product Weight: 308.75 lb
  • Depth: 28.5 in
  • Number of Doors: 2 Door
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 28.75 x 33 x 69.87 inches
  • Number of Freezer Baskets/Bins: 6 Baskets/Bins
  • Door Hinges: ‎Right
  • Shelves: 3
  • Installation Type: Freestanding, Counter-Depth
  • Warranty: One Year Limited Parts & Labor

Key Features

  • Stainless Steel Smudge-Proof — Resists fingerprints for simple cleaning.
  • With a capacity of 22.2 cu. ft. and LED lighting, it’s quite roomy.
  • Shelves that can be adjusted
  • CrispSeal Plus Crisper: With an upgraded CrispSeal Plus seal that keeps out dry air and a filter that reduces the gas that causes produce to ripen faster, helps safeguard produce from deterioration.
  • EvenTemp Cooling System: Our variable-speed compressor responds quickly to temperature changes by circulating cold air throughout the fresh food and freezer compartments, keeping your food fresh and preventing freezer burn.
  • Deep Counter-Depth Shelving: Create more shelving space by combining our counter-depth design with standard-depth shelving.
  • SpaceWise Organization System: With There’s a place for everything with this versatile organizing system, which includes three detachable glass shelves, an adjustable gallon door bin, and a slim design ice maker that holds 9 pounds of ice without taking up valuable shelf space.


  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Multi-level lighting
  • Flexible organization
  • ADA compliant
  • Advanced crisper drawer air filter


  • Less storage width-wise as it’s side by side
  • Vertical space in the freezer might not be useful to some

7. Frigidaire FG4H2272UF 36″ Gallery Series Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Frigidaire FG4H2272UF 36" Gallery Series Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator
Frigidaire FG4H2272UF 36″ Gallery Series Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

When you choose a Frigidaire home appliance, you’re getting a product with excellent performance, convenience, and style, as well as one that has been intended to function in harmony with your lifestyle.

With the Custom-Flex® Temp Drawer, you can also cool or freeze your favorite foods. You can customize your storage space by setting the middle box to any temperature between -6°F and 45°F. This lets you store anything from yogurt to beer to frozen pizzas.

Also, the OpenAccessTM door lets you get to 75% of your fridge’s goods with just one open door, which makes it easier to get your favorite fresh foods. You can customize the inside of your fridge with the SpaceWise® Organization System, which has movable shelves and a flip-up shelf.

Frigidaire has made big changes to its technology that make it more human-like. This has led to cleaner device designs, easy-to-use settings, and features that are both smart and useful.


  • Finish Type: Stainless steel
  • Brand: Frigidaire Gallery
  • Form Factor: Side By Side
  • Configuration: Side-by-Side
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 71 x 37 x 33 inches
  • Lock Type: Electronic
  • Certification: Energy Star
  • Capacity: 21.8 Cubic Feet
  • Installation Type: Counter-Depth

Key Features

  • Custom-Flex® Temp Drawer: Expand your storage capacity to accommodate more of your family’s favorite foods, such as yogurt, beer, and frozen pizza. This middle drawer has the greatest temperature range on the market, ranging from -6 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • TwinTech™ Cooling System: Maintains stable temperatures in the refrigerator and freezer, keeping food fresh.
  • SpaceWise® Organization System: Adjustable storage, featuring a flip-up shelf for taller goods and an expanded door bin, makes it easy to get to your most-used products.
  • OpenAccess™ Door: Make it easy to get your fresh favorites by opening just one door to access up to 75% of your fresh food.
  • Auto CrispSeal™ Crisper Drawers: Keep produce fresh to reduce food waste and save money.
  • Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel: Fingerprint resistant and easy to clean.
  • Extra-Tall Ice and Water Pocket: A 10-inch outside ice and water pocket makes it simple to fill tall pitchers and sports bottles.
  • PureAir Ultra® II Air Filter: By eliminating odor particles with fast-acting, extremely absorbent carbon technology, our PureAir Ultra® II air filter effortlessly keeps the food in your refrigerator fresh.
  • PureSource Ultra®II Ice & Water Filtration: A real water filter will remove 99.3% of lead and 99.9% of cysts from your household water.
  • Other Features: For optimal energy savings, this product is Energy Star® certified. Sabbath Mode is Star-K® Certified.


  • Temperature controlling system
  • Quick freezing system
  • Water filtration system
  • Fingerprint resistant system 


  • Quite expensive 
  • Noisy 
  • Sometimes may face technical issues in temperature controlling 

Which Factors Should Consider to Buy a 33-inch Refrigerator?

Fridges have come a long way since the egg stand and the butter bin were created. The best 33-inch refrigerator has enough space to store everything you need in a slightly bigger but still small package.

There are many new features on refrigerators these days that are meant to make them be more useful. Unlike some smaller models that would stick out, this fridge will fit nicely inside your cabinets.

The never-ending stream of brand names and big claims can make it hard to find the features you really want. Here are some important things to think about that will help you pick the best 33-inch refrigerator.

Refrigerator’s Type

It’s likely that every fridge will have at least one model that fits your 33-inch range.

When faced with this problem, it is important to think about both your wants and your surroundings. This will help you make a choice.

Some coolers will have freezers, while others will not, as I already said. You need to choose whether you need a freezer or a refrigerator that is full.

Along with refrigerator space, it’s important to think about the size of the refrigerator in your home. Next, you need to decide what size refrigerator you want based on the type.

French Door Refrigerators

Width: From 29-1/2 to 36 inches

Height: From 67 to 70-1/8 inches

Depth: From 29-3/8 to 34-5/8 inches

Side by Side Refrigerators

Width: From 32-3/4 to 39-3/4 inches

Height: From 65-7/8 to 71-1/4 inches

Depth: From 28-3/4 to 30-1/4 inches

Top-Freezer Refrigerators

Width: From 28-3/4 to 32-3/4 inches

Height: 61-3/4 to 66-1/4 inches

Depth: Around 34-1/4 inches

Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Width: From 29-1/2 inches to 32-3/4 inches

Height: From 67 to 70 inches

Depth: Around 33-3/8 inches

What size freezer do you require, and in which position do you require it – top or bottom freezer? These are crucial questions that can help you eliminate some of the undesirable alternatives.

Height of Refrigerator

There are many types, capacities, and overall sizes of freezers to choose from. Most fridges are between 24 and 40 inches wide, 62 to 72 inches tall, and 29 to 36 inches deep.

For this situation, you need a fridge that is 33 inches wide. That being said, you need to know how high the fridge is. This way, you can be sure that the fridge is the right height.

Most of the time, French door and side-by-side freezers are bigger and taller than counter-depth models. However, counter-depth models are often available in these two layouts. A lot of people have smaller top-freezer and bottom-freezer fridges.


If you want to know how much a refrigerator weighs, that depends on the type of refrigerator you want to buy and the materials it’s made of.

For this reason, if you want to buy a 33-inch refrigerator, you should think about how much it weighs.

Size is also the most important factor in figuring out how heavy a fridge is, and users who want to save room are buying mini-fridges again.

But you can’t tell if a fridge is heavy or not unless you know how much the average fridge weighs. Luckily, we know how much the average fridge weighs.

A full-size fridge with a freezer should weigh about 180 to 280 pounds on average.


There are many brands and types of refrigerators, and each one has its own set of features. Another thing that makes it even harder to choose is that most of them have basic features. If you want to buy a 33-inch refrigerator, here are some things you should think about.

Door Configurations

You need to think about more than just the look of the doors when you choose and install your new fridge. The type of refrigerator you choose should also depend on your lifestyle, the size of your family, and the amount of room in your home.

There are different door layouts, and you need to pick the one that works best for you. Here they are

French door side-by-side bottom freezer with a freezer on top

WiFi Connectivity

There are lots of things that can be done with a smart refrigerator. Different brands and models have different features, but one smart benefit is that you can check on your fridge from afar.

It can also make a shopping plan, keep track of when things go bad, and control other home automation devices, all from your smart device.

How to Save Energy

All types of freezers are thought to last an average of 13 years. Also, if you bought your fridge more than 16 years ago, it might be using twice as much energy as most Energy Star models.

If you’re looking for a new refrigerator, it’s a good idea to look for the Energy Star logo. These models have better seals that keep your fridge closed when it’s not being used.

Drawers for storage

When you’re shopping online, you should read the details of the fridge’s main features very carefully to figure out what parts of organization are most important to you. We sometimes throw away food that has gone bad because we forgot about it.

To cut down on food loss, please make sure that all of our food is easy to see. Smart planning will not only help us remember what we have, but it will also help us keep it over time. It will also help control smells and make cleanup easy.

Shelves that go from edge to edge

If you don’t want to run out of room for your big food haul, you might want to buy a fridge with shelves that go all the way to the edges.

This feature of the fridge basically helps you make the most of your space by giving you shelves that go across the whole width of the appliance. The best part is that you won’t have to give up any of your favorite foods.

Controls for temperature

One of the most important parts of any 33-inch refrigerator is this one. A lot of freezers have built-in temperature settings that balance the temperature and humidity automatically, so you don’t have to worry about how to store food.

Ability to hold

You shouldn’t buy a fridge that can’t hold your food and other important things. It is very important to know the size of a new refrigerator before buying it, no matter what other features it has.

How much space do you need for the fridge and freezer? Do you want a bottom or top freezer fridge?

For the most part, your best number will depend on the things you store. What do you keep in your fridge more: raw meat and ready-to-eat food, or fruits, vegetables, and beer?

Fridges will have smaller freezers, so choose the one that seems big enough for what you want to store.

Plan your budget

This is another part of planning to think about when you want to buy a fridge. Furthermore, the price you pay for the fridge is not the only cost you will have to pay. You should also think about costs that keep coming up.

This is also how much you pay to use the fridge this month. This includes the amount of energy used and the cost of repairs, which must both be taken into account. The device will probably be turned off half the time if you can’t pay for the power it uses.

Choose the Best 33-Inch Refrigerator to Make Your Kitchen Complete

There are many refrigerators to choose from, but sometimes it’s best to keep things easy. Counter-depth fridges that are 33 inches wide are useful for this.

Additionally, the ideal fridge has its own unique style, a look that fits in with its surroundings, and the strength to handle any event, from parties to Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Counter-depth refrigerators have the same amount of space as full-size refrigerators, but they fit better against your counters and shelves. Because of this, it is always there for us, more like a family member than a machine, which is why picking the right one is so important.

You should know exactly what features you want in a refrigerator before you go shopping for one. After doing these things, it will be easy for you to choose the 33-inch refrigerator you want.

But the Kenmore Top-Freezer Refrigerator is a good choice if you want to get everything you need for your home.

Best for Overall Performance & Longevity   

Kenmore Top-Freezer Refrigerator

Final Words

You now have all the information you need to buy a 33-inch refrigerator. Also, a counter-depth fridge will look great with cabinets or counters that match. Having one of these 33-inch wide fridges shouldn’t be the only good thing about it, though.

Each model on the list has its own unique feature that will meet the needs or wants of a person. Because of these things, 33-inch counter-depth freezers are getting more and more popular.

Now is the time to get the best 33-inch fridge for your home to make it look better.


What’s the main difference between 33-inch counter-depth and regular depth refrigerators?

The best 33-inch counter-depth fridges are only 24 inches thick, so they will fit right next to your counter. It’s possible that “standard depth” means more than 28 inches of thickness.

The fact that “traditional” width values aren’t even close to normal depth is interesting. They can be as heavy as the people who make them think is right. Up to 10 to 20 percent more food can be saved in toasters with a normal deep thickness.

In general, what size is a 33-inch wide counter-depth refrigerator?

It would be different for each brand, but the average size is about 18 cubic feet.

The Samsung 4-Door French Door Refrigerator has a 33-inch wide type that can hold 25 cu. ft.
LG The black stainless steel French door refrigerator has a 25-cu.-ft. capacity and is 33 inches wide.
The Samsung White French Door Refrigerator has a 33-inch wide type that can hold 17.5 cu. ft.
An LG bottom freezer refrigerator with a 33-inch width can hold 25.5 cu. ft.
LG A French-door refrigerator with a 33-inch wide type can hold 25 cu. ft.

What size refrigerator should I get so it fits in a 33-inch opening?

Different types of refrigerators come in different sizes. There are also different sizes made by different brands that will fit in a 33-inch hole. The most important thing is that the 33-inch wide Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator size (22 cu.

For a 33-inch refrigerator, how many cubic feet will it need?

The size will be different for each brand. Here is the size of the most famous brand:

The Samsung 4-Door French Door Refrigerator has a 33-inch wide type that can hold 25 cu. ft.
The LG Black Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator has a 33-inch wide type that can hold 25 cu. ft.
An LG bottom freezer refrigerator with a 33-inch width can hold 25.5 cu. ft.
There is a 25-cubic-foot LG French Door Refrigerator that is 33 inches wide.
The Samsung White French Door Refrigerator has a 33-inch wide type that can hold 17.5 cu. ft.

How much does a 33-inch counter-depth fridge cost?

Because they fit more kitchen plans, 33-inch counter-depth refrigerators do cost more than standard-depth refrigerators.

Producers also respond to changes in the way ads are made. Because the requirements were so strict, it cost a lot.

Is it better to buy a 33-inch fridge with a longer warranty?

You are welcome to do this. You will need to be fixed in fifty years. No matter what, the right answer is no. When you need help, extended guarantees will almost always be able to help you.

I’ve written before about this subject. Also, you should only get a warranty from a business that really has a customer service staff. What you said is clear advice. The only hard part is finding one.

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