10 Best Tool For Cleaning Inside Of Windshield of January 2024

Dear readers, as an avid driver and storyteller, I know how important it is to have clear visibility behind the wheel. Over time, our windshields can become cluttered with dust, fingerprints, and bits of debris that make seeing the road a challenge. In this post, I’ll share my top recommendations for tools that will have your windshield sparkling clean in no time. Whether you need a quick solution for on-the-go or want something more heavy duty, read on for the products I’ve found most effective after years on the road.

Buying Car Window Cleaner Tools

Look after your windows to keep your vehicles looking good. Clean windows improve driving safety. Unfortunately, glass is notoriously difficult to clean.

Fortunately, you can avoid this. Before beginning, here are some tips for cleaning vehicle glass:

  • Cleaning car windows requires special materials.
  • Automotive glass cleaners differ from home ones. Grease and grit stick to dirty auto glass more than residential glass. Good car window cleaners remove this filth completely; domestic ones leave streaks.
  • Both sides of auto glass need cleaning. The interior of your automobile windows get dirty.
  • The first step to cleaning windows is washing them with vehicle soap, water, and a sponge, but there are others. A decent glass cleaner and something to prevent water from drying and leaving streaks are also important.
  • Remember to dry. Naturally drying water will leave minor but detectable scars. Timely and proper auto drying with the right towel matters.

Years ago, I researched and tested the best automobile window cleaner tools. Read on for my top picks.

Best Car Soap

This car soap from Chemical Guys is the best thing I’ve ever used to clean the outside of my car. I’ve used other brands, but this one gets rid of mud, dirt, bugs, and bird poop from my car’s body and glass faster and with less work.

I think this is because this soap is more concentrated than others on the market. When I scrub it over my car, it quickly turns into a thick foam that cuts through grease and dirt.

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Amazon Basics Deluxe Microfiber Car Wash Mitt Ecomm Via Amazon.com

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Best Car Sponge

Regular sponges aren’t my favourite way to clean my car windows. They’re big and awkward, and they don’t work very well, especially when you need to reach across the windscreen to scrub a dirt line that won’t come off. So, my favourite sponge isn’t really a sponge!

In 2021, I tried these cloth mitts for the first time. Regular sponges don’t clean as well as these. You can handle them much better because they fit over your hands. You can also put more pressure on it, which makes the wash better.

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Invisible Glass Cleaner For Streak Free Shine Ecomm Via Amazon.com

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Best Glass Cleaner

It’s fine to clean the windows of your car. However, if you’re picky like me, the glass will likely have streaks on it after the last rinse. This is caused by minerals in the water, and it’s very hard to avoid if you have hard water like I do.

That’s the reason I began buying Invisible Glass cleaner. As soon as I spray a little on my car windows and wipe them down with a microfiber cloth, those pesky mineral lines are gone. This problem can’t be fixed with any other product I’ve looked at.

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Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloths Ecomm Via Amazon.com

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Best Microfiber Cloths

I usually use these microfiber cloths to clean my car windows with the glass cleaner in the last slide. There are green cleaning cloths and blue fine-weave cloths for getting rid of streaks in every box.

I don’t use the green clothes very often in real life. The blue ones, on the other hand, clean glass really well. Even though a lot of microfiber cloths say they don’t have dust, the blue cloths have never given me any trouble with this.

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X Xindell Car Window Cleaner Ecomm Via Amazon.com

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Best Reaching Tool

Because my arms are long, I don’t need a tool that helps me reach to clean my car windows and windscreen. My wife isn’t as lucky. It was really hard for her to clean the middle part of the windscreen.

Then she found this tool for reaching. It’s strong, light, and can be stretched out. At the end, it even comes with a microfiber cloth that fits perfectly over the cleaning pad. My wife loves the extra 24 inches of reach so much that she doesn’t let me wash the car very often.

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Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner Ecomm Via Amazon.com

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Best Interior Glass Cleaner

We can’t just clean the outside of our car windows because we have a dog and a young child. On the inside of glasses, you may need to pay extra attention to dirt, sticky fingerprints and nose prints, smears of donut filling, and sometimes a whole bottle of ketchup.

That’s the reason I bought this glass cleaner for the inside. It not only cleans the inside of our car windows, but also the seats and centre panel. A lot of other glass cleaners can’t do as many things.

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Rain X Original Windshield Treatment Ecomm Via Amazon.com

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Best Water Repellent

Even if you clean your car windows really well, they’ll get streaks and watermarks again fast if you don’t do something to keep them clean. I used to have this issue until my dad told me about Rain-X.

If you use it the right way, this product keeps water drops from sticking around long enough to dry and leave marks. I haven’t seen another tool work this well. Every time I wash my car, I now use a microfiber cloth to put a little Rain-X on it.

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What’s the best way to clean a really dirty windshield?

For heavy buildup, I recommend using a glass cleaner with ammonia or vinegar. Spray it on generously and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping clean with a microfiber towel or cloth.

Is it okay to use paper towels to clean my windshield?

While paper towels can work in a pinch, I don’t recommend them as your only cleaning tool. The small fibers can leave behind streaks. Opt for a microfiber cloth you can reuse many times over.

How often should I clean the inside of my windshield?

For most drivers, a thorough cleaning once a week should keep things streak-free. But if you wear sunglasses or smoke in the car, you may need to clean more frequently to prevent residue buildup.

What’s the best way to prevent new fingerprints or smudges?

Apply a glass cleaner with a protectant after wiping away any streaks. The protectant will form a barrier that repels water and keeps fingerprints and oils from adhering to the surface.

Is there anything that could damage my windshield over time?

Try to avoid wiping with paper, tissues, or towels that could contain dye or addons. These have potential to leave behind micro-scratches on the glass over many cleanings. Stick to microfiber for the gentlest cleaning method.


A clean windshield is key for safe driving. I hope sharing my favorite cleaning tools has provided some options you can feel good about using to achieve streak-free clarity. More than anything, I want to help keep my readers and their passengers safe as they explore new adventures. Let me know if you have any other questions! And stay tuned for more driving and travel tales coming soon.

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