Best Magnifying Mirrors to consider (January 2024)

Anyone who has ever put on makeup in a dark room knows how awful it is to look at your mirror and see that your makeup wasn’t blended as well as you thought it was. It’s best to put on your makeup near a big window during the day. But not everyone has a vanity by a window, and even if you do, you’ll still need something to do when it’s not sunny.

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It goes without saying that a lit mirror at home will always make you happy. Makeup artist Steve Kassajikian says, “I love them, especially in a room or area with dim overhead lighting.” He suggests lights that look like daylight. In addition to having enough light, having your image a little closer can help. This way, you don’t have to lean over the bathroom sink.

There are a lot of great lit makeup mirrors on the market today, from portable ones that are great for travelling to high-tech vanities that have Bluetooth and magnification built in. To help you choose, we tested a number of types, looking at how easy they were to set up, how portable they were, where they got their power, how bright they were, how they could be adjusted, and what features stood out. These are our picks.


Riki Loves Riki Skinny Smart Portable LED Vanity Mirror


What We Like

  • Daylight-mimicking LEDs
  • Feature-rich design
  • Magnetic attachments
  • Rechargeable battery

What We Don’t Like

  • Not travel-friendly
  • 10X magnification might to be to strong for some

We tried a lot of different choices in our testing centre, and the Riki Skinny was clearly the best. The daylight-like high-definition LEDs are great because they can be changed to be brighter, dimmer, warmer, or cooler. It’s not too bright, even on the brightest setting, for people with weak eyes.We also like how the bulbs around you light up your whole face when the room is otherwise dark.

The magnifying mirror extension lets you see more clearly while you dermaplane, pluck, or blend. We could see our pores, very small hairs, and places where our makeup needed to be smoothed out a bit more.

It also has an adjustable stand, a magnetic phone holder, Bluetooth connectivity, and a camera button built right in for taking pictures or movies. The Riki Skinny has a battery that can be charged, so you can put it almost anywhere. It also feels strong and not likely to break. Still, it’s not the smallest or lightest choice, and it doesn’t come with a case, so we wouldn’t choose it for travelling.

What it’s for

If you can afford the high price, this stylish mirror is great for daily makeup, occasional glam, and making GRWM movies.

Dimensions: 13 x 9.5 x 0.5 inches | Shape: Rectangular | Magnification: 5X or 10X | Features: Phone holder, removable magnifying mirror, Bluetooth connectivity, battery indicator, adjustable stand


Fancii LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror



What We Like

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Smooth, sleek exterior
  • two mirrors, one with 10x magnification

What We Don’t Like

  • Could be brighter
  • Too small for general makeup application

If you need something to take with you, the Fancii Travel Mirror is a good choice. This lighted compact comes in black, rose gold, or white, and it runs on four CR2 batteries that are included. The outside is smooth and strong. We weren’t afraid to drop it or throw it in a bag because the body feels strong and seems to protect the glass inside.

Inside, there are two mirrors. One is 10 times bigger than the other, and the edge of the other mirror is lit up. It’s not as bright as some others we tried, and you can’t change how warm it is, but it’s good enough for touch-ups and putting on makeup on the go. Although it’s only 5 inches across, we love how the box is small enough to fit in your purse, bag, or suitcase and doesn’t weigh more than half a pound.

What it’s for

While it may be too small for daily use, the lightweight, compact design makes it perfect for touch-ups and quick glam during the day.

Dimensions: 5 inches | Shape: Round | Magnification: 10X | Features: Daylight-mimicking bulbs



Fancii LED Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror



What We Like

  • Daylight-mimicking LEDs
  • Built-in caddy
  • Adjustable stand

What We Don’t Like

  • Can’t adjust warmth
  • Base comes loose while swiveling

The Fancii Vanity was carefully made, and it has a built-in shelf for makeup and application tools. This is great for when we want all of our main products close at hand. This makeup mirror gave us nice light on our faces and didn’t cast any shadows. We like that the daylight-emulating LED lights can be turned up or down, but we wish we could change how warm they are.

It also has a stand that can be adjusted and rotated 360 degrees. When we turned it around, the base came out, but it didn’t seem to hurt anything, and it went back in without a hitch. The mirror is a good size at 15 inches by 7.5 inches and less than three pounds. It’s not too heavy or thick either. You really can’t go wrong with this one because it’s so cheap and has everything you need in one.

What it’s for

Want to get the most for your money? This model is basically a small desk because it has a big mirror, lights for makeup, and a shelf to keep all of your items close at hand.

Sizes: 15 inches long, 7.5 inches wide, and 4.5 inches high; shape: rectangle; magnification: 10X; features: makeup caddy, daylight-imimicking bulbs, 360-degree spinning, and a slide-out magnifying mirror

Where We Are

The Riki Skinny is our overall favourite lit makeup mirror. This movable vanity mirror has a rechargeable battery, Bluetooth connection, magnetic attachments, and LED bulbs that emit light that looks like daylight—pretty much everything you could want in a lit mirror. In a tight spot? Bright LEDs and different levels of magnification make the Flymiro Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity a good buy that won’t break the bank.

How We Checked

Our beauty editors looked into the market and chose 11 different lighted makeup mirrors in a range of sizes and prices to test in The Lab, our Manhattan-based testing centre. Each device was closely looked at to see how bright it was, how easily it could be set up, where it got its power, and what features it had. A scale from 1 to 5 was used to rate the mirrors’ portability, durability, brightness, and total value. In the end, those with the best scores were chosen for this roundup.

Attributes we evaluated each lighted makeup mirror on:

  • Size and portability
  • Setup and user-friendliness
  • Power source and recharge-ability
  • Bulb type, light tone, and adjustable brightness
  • Notable features
  • Overall value


Other Options We Tested

Conair Reflections Lighted Makeup Mirror with Two Sides

If the room isn’t very well lit, you have to get really close to this lit mirror to see what you’re doing. The LEDs give off a nice glow, but they might be too warm because they don’t really look like sunshine. You can’t change the brightness or colour, which is too bad. We thought the mirror was a bit too narrow after that, and the whole thing was a little unstable when put on a flat surface.

Weily Makeup Mirror for Vanity

The price of this mirror is about right, and the quality is pretty good, but it only has one light setting. Though the neon lighting was bright enough to see your face clearly, it might be too much for people with sensitive eyes. This movable vanity is easier to take with you because it’s light, but it feels a little weak all around.

iHome Portable Vanity Mirror with Lights and Bluetooth

Feldman likes the portable type from iHome because it’s not too expensive, small enough to carry around, and has Bluetooth. This mirror gave us good lighting for makeup, but it’s not the brightest and doesn’t have as many choices as the others we looked at. We liked how light it was and how long the recharging battery lasted, but the fold-out stand felt a little weak.


What to Look For in a Lighted Makeup Mirror

  • Bulbs That Mimic Natural Light: To get as precise an application as possible, look for lighted mirrors that mimic natural light. Anything too bright or dim won’t give you a proper portrayal of what your makeup looks like out in the wild—bonus if you find a model with adjustable brightness, like the Riki Skinny. That way, you can more accurately imitate the outdoor light, whether sunny or cloudy.
  • Rechargeable Battery via USB: Could anything be worse than the batteries of your lighted mirror dying on you mid-makeup application—especially when you’re not stocked up on AAs? To avoid this scenario, we suggest looking for options that are rechargeable via USB and can be used while plugged in, like the Impressions Vanity LED Compact Mirror. They’ll allow the same versatility and mobility as alkaline battery-powered options, but you won’t be stuck applying your makeup in the dark, should you forget to charge beforehand.
  • Sleek Design: Not looking to display something clunky on your vanity? Plenty of lighted mirrors are sleek in design. For example, if you need angled side panels for precise winged eyeliner and false lash application, look for models featuring foldable panels to take up less space. The Flymiro Tri-fold Lighted Vanity Mirror is an aesthetically pleasing option with folding, rotating side mirrors.



Do screens with lights really make a difference?

Kaşsajikian says they’re worth the money and make putting on makeup a lot easier. “I love them, especially in a room or area with dim or overhead lighting,” he points out. “They help a lot with makeup application.”

Do LED lights work best in a makeup mirror?

And when it comes to lighting, Kassajikian says that LED lights are the best. “LED lights will give you a more natural reflection without washing you out,” he says to Byrdie. The nice white light they give off is almost the same as the sun’s rays, and we all know how important that is for looking great.

Should you buy a beauty mirror with lights?

An illuminated beauty mirror is a great purchase if you wear makeup every day and usually do your makeup at night or in a room with little natural light.

If you plug them into the wall, most of them use LED bulbs that use less energy. This can help lower your power bill. The bulbs also give off a more natural-looking light than incandescent bulbs, which means they’re the best at mimicking outdoor lighting and making it easier to see what you’re doing when you’re putting on makeup.

What kind of light is best for makeup?

In general, makeup looks best when it’s lit by white light (neutral temperature). It’s also great for putting on makeup because it lets you see better and makes the lights look like it’s outside.

For putting on makeup, look for LED lights with a temperature range of 4800K to 6000K. These bulbs will not be too hot or too cold. K stands for kelvin, which is a unit used to measure the brightness of light.

What level of zoom is best for a makeup mirror?

5X (five times) zoom is a good place to start if you want to see more clearly when you’re putting on makeup. This will give you a better look at where you need to blend or add more product, and it will also let you see more clearly when you’re putting on liquid eyeliner or mascara. Most of the time, 10X is too much because it can make wrinkles and other flaws that you wouldn’t normally be able to see scary.

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